May 27, 2022
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Kristina Orbakaite took the stage at Crocus City Hall on her birthday


Singer Kristina Orbakaite celebrates her 51st birthday on stage today.

Kristina Orbakaite is celebrating her 51st birthday today. From the very morning, she began to receive congratulations from close friends and relatives. Even at night, her husband Mikhail Zemtsov congratulated the artist on her birthday. He was brief and, as usual, did not share the details of his marriage online. Probably Christina heard the warmest wishes from her husband in a separate personal message.

Kristina Orbakaite with her husband and daughter
Kristina Orbakaite with her husband and daughter – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

Happy birthday, love!‘ wrote Michael.

It is known that Christina celebrated her birthday on stage. She has a big concert planned at Crocus City Hall, for which she has been preparing for several months. The fact is that Christina’s performance was supposed to take place last fall, but it was postponed due to covid restrictions. The day before, the long-awaited dress rehearsal took place, after which Orbakaite announced: “We are ready!”

By the way, in May the singer was supposed to come with concerts to her Israeli fans. However, Christina’s performances were canceled for unknown reasons.

By the way, Orbakaite’s mother Alla Pugacheva has been in Israel for several months now. The prima donna left Russia suddenly at the end of February, announcing a long-planned vacation. It was recently revealed that she is not going to return home until autumn. Skeptics, however, are sure that Alla Borisovna actually left forever.

As for Christina, there is not a single scheduled performance in Russia for the coming months in her schedule. It is possible that immediately after her birthday she will also leave the country. Christina can go to the States, where her husband and daughter live.

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