Sep 20, 2022
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Kristina Orbakaite surprised Pugacheva’s twins with concise congratulations


Singer Kristina Orbakaite too dryly and briefly congratulated Lisa and Harry Galkin on their birthday.

The children of Alla Pugacheva, who were born in 2013 by a surrogate mother, are already nine years old. The day before, close friends of the family published their warmest wishes on the Web for birthdays. At the same time, the sister of Lisa and Harry reacted to an important event in their lives surprisingly unemotional.

Kristina Orbakaite dryly congratulated the twins on their birthday, as if she had done it just for show. She posted online a photo taken this summer in Latvia. On it, her daughter Claudia poses next to Lisa and Harry. In a comment to the picture, she wrote:Happy birthday, dear Lisa and Harry!»

Lisa and Harry Galkin and Claudia Zemtsova
Lisa and Harry Galkin and Claudia Zemtsova

The reaction to the publication of Orbakaite was different: some reacted negatively to the trick of the artist, others supported the artist. In their opinion, Christina probably congratulated her sister and brother at a personal meeting, and left a modest congratulation on the Web so that the media would not make a scandal that she allegedly forgot about the holiday altogether.

There is a strong possibility that the eldest daughter of the Primadonna did not want to draw too much press attention to Lisa and Harry, given the situation in which their family is.

Alla Borisovna, we recall, is subjected to harsh criticism for escaping for six months from Russia. Although she returned home at the end of August, her young husband is still earning money abroad and does not intend to come back. Because of this, this year, by the way, he missed the birthday of his children for the first time.

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