Jun 10, 2022
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Kristina Orbakaite shared the details of the wedding with Mikhail Zemtsov


Singer Kristina Orbakaite admitted that she and her husband continue their honeymoon.

The daughter of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, has been happily married to Mikhail Zemtsov for seventeen years, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Claudia. Kristina Orbakaite considers her union ideal, claiming that she and her husband are still on their honeymoon.

Misha and I have a wonderful relationship. Love and everything! The honeymoon can go on for as long as you like. It is important that in the family, in addition to a great and high feeling, there is mutual understanding. It’s important to be intimate“, – said Christina Orbakaite.

Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov
Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov with their daughter Claudia – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

By the way, as such, Orbakaite and Zemtsov did not have a wedding. According to the singer, this is not the main thing for her, because there are already plenty of holidays in the year. Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov just signed in Miami. The marriage was concluded in the USA, since Orbakaite’s husband is a citizen of this country.

Mikhail and I filed an application, signed. If you want – there are witnesses, if you want – no. I am very glad that everything turned out this way, because when you are 17 years old, you dream of a dress, guests, white cars … And I was already much older, I visited many friends’ weddings. Plus, I’ve seen enough of all kinds of weddings and weddings, which are invited to work.

And I got the impression that I did everything myself! There were beautiful weddings, and funny, and more modest, and chic. But the process itself is completely uninteresting to me. Some ransoms, games … For some reason, I didn’t want all this”, — quotes Christina Orbakaite

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