Sep 11, 2022
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Kristina Orbakaite, reunited with Pugacheva, suddenly changed


51-year-old singer Kristina Orbakaite visited the beauty salon of her friend Vlad Lisovets.

Kristina Orbakaite has practically not communicated with Alla Pugacheva for the last six months. During this time, they saw each other only once – in the Baltic States, where the Primadonna moved with her children from Israel. However, as soon as the singer returned to Russia, she immediately reunited with her eldest daughter.

The meeting with her mother, apparently, had a beneficial effect on Orbakaite and seemed to have removed a stone from her soul, so she even decided on a slight transformation. Kristina visited the beauty salon of her friend Vlad Lisovets and entrusted him to do her hair – dye and style her hair. The result of the star stylist shared in the social network. He published a joint photo of the artist.

Kristina Orbakaite and Vlad Lisovets
Kristina Orbakaite and Vlad Lisovets

With a beloved friend. Happiness and warmth flow from Chris, and happiness is to see and recharge with the warmth of friends. I love you my dear“- signed photo Lisovets.

Recall that in early spring, Pugacheva suddenly left for Israel with her husband and children, while Orbakaite, who had long lived in two countries, the United States and Russia, did not want to leave Moscow. Fans suspect that Christina did not support her mother’s decision and there was a quarrel between them. It is no coincidence that Orbakaite did not even publicly congratulate her mother on her birthday, although she usually published posts on the social network on such an occasion.

Christina was also in no hurry to come to Israel and even canceled the concert planned there. She met Pugacheva only in the summer, when Alla Borisovna moved to Jurmala. It is possible that Orbakaite also played a role in the return of her mother to Moscow. At least, already in the capital, celebrities reunited and went to the theatrical premiere as if nothing had happened.

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