Jun 22, 2022
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Kristina Orbakaite reunited with her youngest son in Paris


Singer Kristina Orbakaite and her daughter Claudia arrived in Paris, where she reunited with her youngest son Denis Baysarov.

Kristina Orbakaite followed her son to France. The day before, Denis Baysarov said that he decided to spend his vacation in the most romantic city on Earth, and today he said that his relatives had joined him.

The singer flew to Paris with her daughter Claudia. A few hours ago, Denis shared touching footage of a family reunion with the Eiffel Tower in the background. He commented on the meeting with his mother with great tenderness.

Kristina Orbaakaite with children in Paris
Kristina Orbaakaite with children in Paris

Our most important meeting! A family! Gathered together in Paris. Rest and walk, have a good summer everyone“, – said a pleased Denis.

We are on vacation in Paris, we met. Someone is on vacation. We have a mini-holiday European. Good mood to you all”, Orbakaite did.

Many fans have noticed that Denis Baysarov is the only one of the three children of Christina Orbakaite, who looks like her, as they say, like two drops of water. Nikita Presnyakov is red, Klava Zemtsova is swarthy and dark-haired, and Denis is blond, just like his star mother. The young man is much taller than Christina, slender, broad-shouldered and very pretty. But the grandson of the Primadonna is in no hurry to marry. And he keeps his adventures a secret.
he is very calm here. He feels at peace.

For the first time in a long time, I finally have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Paris imbues with its romance and beauty. Therefore, until I returned back to work, I enjoy every second“, – shared Denis Baysarov.

By the way, the eldest son Orbakaite also temporarily left Russia. He spent the first part of his vacation with his wife Alena in America, and the second – in Uzbekistan. Nikita emphasized that he had left only for the sake of rest and, unlike the star grandmother, he had no plans to change his place of residence.

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