Jan 2, 2022
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Kristina Asmus spoke about her feelings for Garik Kharlamov


Actress Christina Asmus spoke about her ex-husband.

The artist summed up her results of the year and said that she was overwhelmed with love and gratitude to her colleagues and loved ones. She listed all the actors she worked with in 2021. She confessed her feelings to her team, producers and directors. And also, remembering what good last year brought, she started talking about a special relationship with her ex-husband.

If not long ago Asmus said that it was difficult for him to communicate with Garik Kharlamov after the divorce, now all the problems are in the past. The artist admitted that she recognized her daughter’s father from a new perspective and was very proud of the work he had done on himself.

Christina Asmus with her husband and daughter
Christina Asmus with her husband and daughter

You are growing very much. Recently it opened for me from completely unexpected sides. I’m glad that now everything is the same with us“, – Asmus turned to Kharlamov.

It seems that the mood of the ex-spouses changed after the showman began dating Katerina Kovalchuk. The other day it turned out that Garik introduced his new beloved to all those close to him, including his daughter. Asmus, approved the choice of the ex-spouse and is not against the communication of her child with Kovalchuk.

Recall that Kharlamov’s new relationship is developing rapidly and, obviously, everything is moving towards the wedding. The couple keep the details of the novel a secret, but it is known that the presenter is making big plans for the future with the young actress.

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