Oct 12, 2020
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Kristina Asmus said that she worked 20 hours a day on the set of the Gelendzhik Gold show

12:57, 10/12/2020

The artist complained about the complexity of her profession.

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Kristina Asmus is familiar to viewers for her roles in the TV series Interns, the films Text, Champions and other films. However, the star does not stop at the sphere of cinema. The celebrity works in the theater, and this summer she also became the host of the Gold of Gelendzhik project. This is a reality show where Russians from all over the country go through funny and sometimes ridiculous tests in pursuit of a cash prize. Kristina Asmus was co-hosted by Ivan Okhlobystin and Timur Rodriguez.

Shooting in the project "Gold of Gelendzhik" became a new experience for Asmus. The artist admits that it was very difficult for her to work, since the shooting day lasted 20 hours a day. “In cold Moscow, you somehow recall the shooting in Gelendzhik with special fondness ... when you could swim in the sea or sunbathe between takes ... day. All this, of course, is not visible in the show and 85% of the material just went to the trash. But we adore our project endlessly !!!!! " - wrote Christina Asmus in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Ivan Okhlobystin, Christina Asmus and Timur Rodriguez on the set of the show "Gold of Gelendzhik"

The hosts had to work on the show "Gold of Gelendzhik" for almost a month. The period of hard work was not easy for Asmus. The artist said that she had less than three hours a day to sleep, which is why her appearance began to suffer - large bruises appeared under the eyes. At the end of filming, Christina became completely ill. The artist believes that it's all to blame for the busy schedule, diet and work in the heat. However, Christina Asmus does not regret participating in the show at all.

For the sake of filming in the project "The Gold of Gelendzhik" Kristina Asmus had to miss an important event in her daughter's life - she could not take Nastya to first grade, since the program management did not want to interrupt the production of the program. “I roared all night before September 1 ... I watched the photo of my daughter from the very birth and was freaked out how quickly time flies ... But more because I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooing to take Nastya by the hand to the first grade !!! I waited for this day for so long ... I think I waited for several years))) I was preparing and worried ... But long-standing and tough obligations did not allow me to do this ... ”- wrote the artist on the social network.

Christina Asmus with her daughter Nastya

As a result, Nastya went to first grade accompanied by her dad. - Garik Kharlamov. After the breakup of Christina Asmus and the humorist, which became known this summer, the girl spends a lot of time with her famous father. It is known that Christina and Garik were able to maintain friendly relations after the breakup in order to raise their daughter, who was born in 2014, together. In their microblogs on Instagram, stellar parents regularly post photos and videos with the girl.

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