Nov 22, 2022
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Kristina Asmus admitted that she was afraid to go to an orphanage as a child


Actress Kristina Asmus spoke about the difficult relationship with her parents.

Christina Asmus rarely talks about her parents. The star has repeatedly admitted that she has a difficult relationship with relatives. The actress grew up in a large family and was in need from infancy. The ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov had to wear other people’s things and shoes. The celebrity was malnourished and lived in fear.

Christina Asmus was very afraid that she would be handed over to an orphanage. She and her sisters thought that her parents were real criminals, as suddenly luxury items began to appear in the house.

When I was little, we had such a story at home. I was born in a large family, we lived quite poorly. And then abruptly, a cool TV, a refrigerator, a fashionable vacuum cleaner and even a computer began to appear in our house! We were notably frightened and were already sure that we would be handed over to an orphanage“, – shared Christina.

Christina Asmus with her parents and sisters
Christina Asmus with her parents and sisters

It turned out that the parents of the actress got an apartment in Saratov as a grandmother’s inheritance. They sold it, and the proceeds began to spend. However, funds ran out quickly. The family ate most of the money.

Note that the star spent her childhood in the Queen of the Moscow Region. With her sisters Ekaterina, Olga, Karina, she huddled in a tiny room. The girls slept on bunk beds. The actress said that she was wildly insecure and insecure.

I was very closed, shy, insecure, I had almost no friends”, — shared the star of the TV series “Interns”.

The actress could not forgive her father and mother and still speaks with pain about the hardships experienced in her youth. “I have been bullied since childhood: in the classroom, in gymnastics, in the family … I grew up as a traumatized child who was beaten and not loved”, — quotes the actress “KP”.

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