Nov 4, 2021
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Kremlin’s internal enemies equated with Russia’s external enemies

Kremlin's internal enemies equated with Russia's external enemies

Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

The expansion of the list of law enforcement agencies that can conduct public procurement behind closed doors is explained by the need to ensure state secrets, explained the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to the government decree, from January 1, 2022, the Russian Guard and the Federal Security Service (FSO) entered the list of federal executive bodies that use closed methods for determining suppliers when purchasing goods, works and services.

Previously, only the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) were included in the list.

Reasonable considerations of state secrets in some cases may conflict with the need for public and state control over the activities of the security forces.

Chairman of the Moscow Interregional Trade Union of Police and Rosgvardia Mikhail Pashkin believes that secrecy is definitely necessary in special services focused on counteracting external enemies.

– At one time I saw a disc, bought at Gorbushka, with data on the calculations of the Russian Central Bank. This means that both the CIA and the IMF have this data. Therefore, let at least state purchases be secret. I believe that the information of the Ministry of Defense, the FSO, the FSB and the Foreign Intelligence Service should be closed. But at the same time, there should be control from other government agencies, their own security services.

As for the National Guard, there is no need to classify the purchases of food and uniforms. Boots, tablets, food – what’s the secret? Nothing. The only thing is that you can calculate the number of personnel. But this is not a secret for anyone. For Russian citizens only. And in the West they know it to the person. And not only in the National Guard … It turns out that they give an opportunity to steal.

There is a known case in the National Guard, when the perpetrators were fired and imprisoned for abuse in this area. And if the information was closed, they probably would have escaped responsibility. Most likely, Zolotov then went to To Putin and asked: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, keep me safe from further investigations. We will not steal. ” But where there is no publicity, there is a risk of theft.

According to member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Igor Kalyapin, corruption interest among officials is still not uncommon.

– As far as I know, this is not the first legislative initiative of this kind. A law had already been passed that classified information related to the place of residence of security officials and their vehicles. I am sure that this is due to the investigations of the structures Alexey Navalny and with the fact that now he will inevitably have followers. They will photograph billion-dollar castles somewhere on Rublevka, find out who owns them, with what funds were purchased. I know for sure that this caused the strongest irritation at the top.

Since we are talking about representatives of the ruling class, they now pass laws in their own “selfish” interests. I don’t really understand how investigations, for example, purchases of cabbage for the National Guard, can affect the country’s defense capability. The point is that the cabbage was purchased at a clearly inflated price. In another country, they go to jail for this. And our officials at first did not answer anything on the merits – except that they promised to make a “juicy chop” out of Navalny, and then they adopted legislative norms so that there would be no more such disclosures.

“SP”: But some kind of bridle on the thieving security officials of the highest power is needed. Or, from their point of view, this should only be done by government agencies?

– We have many officials in our state, including high-ranking ones, who have diametrically opposed views on these problems. There are those who absolutely sincerely believe that if they were transferred to the civil service, at the disposal of, for example, the president or the minister, and were not allowed to do business, earn money, then they have every right to “push” something, “squeeze out” something. They see it as compensation for the lost income. And when one or another governor is removed or imprisoned, the reason, as a rule, lies in something else. Corruption is our system, and the fight against corruption is an exception.

Lawyer Ilya Remeslo I am convinced of the need for public control over law enforcement agencies.

– The FSB and SVR are departments whose activities are undoubtedly connected with state secrets. Unless they can buy wine for a corporate event … Therefore, the classification is appropriate there. As for the Rosgvardia, it has a fairly large budget and does not require excessive secrecy. The same applies to the Ministry of Defense.

I think that in such departments it is necessary to secret it selectively, and not completely. After all, we have created a public procurement system for the purpose of control, including public control. And I, as a public figure, cannot support total classification. We also had abuses. For example, the well-known Oboronservis case is Vasilyeva

If everything is classified, the work of independent social activists will become impossible. We are talking about normal, adequate people, not those who are looking for state secrets in order to sell it later somewhere abroad, but those who are fighting corruption. The same ONF, which is engaged in the control of public procurement. It would be interesting to get acquainted with the rationale for such a decision.

He spoke about the political reasons for legislative innovations on public procurement coordinator of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsov

– Recently, it has become more and more obvious that during the period of the so-called transit of power, when Vladimir Putin and his entourage need to prolong their powers for the next period of time or transfer them to a reliable successor, the stake is placed on the security forces, on the special services, on suppressing the opposition, on intimidation, repression, on dictatorial, in fact, methods of government. Russia is moving towards dictatorship.

And for the dictatorship, the special services, the security forces, in particular, the Rosgvardia and the FSB, are the support, the basis of their position of power. Therefore, the initiative to classify government purchases in these and other special services does not cause any surprise. Why should the public know what is going on in these untouchable structures? Why would they stick their nose there? Of course, it is better for the security officials to keep all this secret.

SP: But it’s still strange to put Rosgvardia and SVR on the same level …

– The most outrageous thing is that this concerns the special services working inside, and not outside of Russia. One gets the impression that the main enemy of Putin and his entourage is the Russian people themselves. He is constantly deceived, experimented on and at the same time intimidated, kept in fear, the most active citizens are simply terrorized, destroyed, imprisoned, and restricted in their rights.

But corruption in these structures, despite the secrecy, will continue to flourish. On the contrary, it will become more convenient to launder money. Unfortunately, our patriotism is only in words. Gentlemen close to power live according to ultra-capitalist criteria, withdraw money abroad, buy real estate there, keep families there, and all this is allowed. Double standarts. The siloviki are being taken out of the control of citizens as much as possible.

In the coming months, years, the maximum tightening of the nuts awaits us. The further development of events depends on how great the patience of the people is. The more we endure, the longer it will last.

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