May 31, 2021
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“Kremlin Towers” grappled in the battle for Belarus

Photo: Natalia Fedosenko / TASS

Until recently, the official authorities of Belarus blamed mainly “agents of the West”, “Polish special services” and some “destructive internal forces” for organizing street protests in 2020. However, now, among those who benefit from the “rocking of the boat” in the country, apparently, new figures have appeared from its point of view.

Thus, the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Makei stated that the Russian special services had warned Minsk in due time that some oligarchs, including those from Russia, could be involved in provocations in the country. At the same time, according to him, specific surnames and names were even sounded.

“Perhaps then there were suggestions that some actions were being taken by individual Russian oligarchs or former Russian oligarchs. But I want to say that we then received a warning from the Russian special services that certain provocations were being prepared, and that specific names and surnames were indicated there, ”said Vladimir Makei, among other things, in his lengthy interview with Kommersant.

It is interesting that this statement by the head of the Belarusian diplomacy sounded exactly after the presidents of Russia and Belarus held talks in Sochi.

Taking into account the fact that the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, being one of the highest state officials, in principle cannot just throw words around, “SP” asked the experts – why did “Russian oligarchs” suddenly appear on the scene?

Are these purely internal, so to speak, Belarusian troubles, or is there something else behind this?

Maybe the official Moscow decided to use Minsk as a kind of a springboard for an attack on some of the oligarchs it dislikes from among our compatriots? This version looks quite viable, taking into account what measures are being taken in Russia now to ensure the stability of the internal vertical of power on the eve of the September elections, and how actively some of its actions are actively criticized by the same Oleg Deripaska

“When reading Vladimir Makei’s interview, I personally remember associations with complaints, sorry, other girls about unscrupulous clients who promised flowers and get married, but instead put the“ steward ”in their pocket and disappeared into nowhere,” he shared his feelings political scientist Bogdan Bespalko… – I have not seen more verbiage.

If we talk about some unnamed “Russian oligarchs”, then this is a favorite cliché of the Belarusian elitists to oppose themselves to Russia. Say, look, Belarus is our democratic and social, and Russia is anti-national and capitalist, where oligarchs rule the ball. Although the Lukashenkaas far as I can tell, very good relations with some of them, in particular – with Mikhail Gutseriev, and he himself, in my opinion, personifies the synthesis of an oligarch and a politician who has concentrated in his hands all state property and all state power at once.

“SP”: – What, then, can be drawn from these words of Vladimir Makei? That Belarus is ready to aggravate relations with Russia?

– No, the goals here are different. First, Makei’s statements are intended to justify the “multi-vector” policy pursued by Old Man. Secondly, it is, of course, the actual refusal to integrate with Russia and at the same time the desire to continue to parasitize on our economy, which follows from other words of the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry in the framework of this interview. The conclusion from which is simple – Belarus perceives the union treaty with Russia as the obligation of the latter to fully maintain the economy of the former with complete profanation of all mutual agreements.

I would like to answer this with a phrase from a “bearded” anecdote – gentlemen, you either take off the cross, or put on your pants. That is, either live separately from Russia as a certain country in the center of Europe, as Vladimir Makei called Belarus pathetically in his interview, or please develop the integration of our states, and then Russia will provide you with a financial and economic umbrella. But this duality, in my opinion, has already reached the limit in Russia.

– I am inclined to regard the words of the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry about “including former Russian oligarchs” as an attempt by one “Kremlin tower” to attack another. Head of the Laboratory of Political and Social Technologies Alexey Nezhivoi… – This is an exacerbation of the internal struggle against the background of the actual political and economic collapse in our country after the pandemic, as a reflection of the political chaos that is now happening overseas, where conventional Rothschilds fight conditional Rockefellers

“SP”: – So, judging by the reports, the economy is growing.

– In my opinion, it is with us now and will hold out for a while only on the fact that the majority of Russians have 5-6 loans, and the amount of debt is growing exponentially. We, it seems to me, are confidently moving towards what is happening in America, where all households live in debt. This bubble is still blowing in our country, but I would not be surprised if it bursts somewhere by winter – there will be no one to issue loans, and will not be able to serve the existing population.

Against this background, the “Kremlin towers” somewhere up there collide with their stars, because their inhabitants feel that by this time someone will have to answer for it, and someone will be lucky to become “heroes.” And Belarus is the last “clearing”, where a certain code is still in effect, so to speak, “getting along”, so it seems that it was decided to work out what will soon come to us.

“SP”: – If the conditional Rothschilds and Rockefellers are now fighting overseas, then in our country who personifies the “Kremlin towers”?

– Everything is very simple with us. There is a “liberal” tower, preaching a globalist “corporate” picture of the world, and there is a “power” one, inclined to “regionalization” of the political map. The latter quite reasonably believes that Russia with its powerful army, compared with which the American one is a myth, may well claim the role of a stable and stable regional center, and the former preaches an economic policy leading to further collapse, and without consequences to remove it from our lives already, unfortunately, it is impossible.

We see how these “towers” fight among themselves in Belarus. Here this process is also underway, but it is still latent, although the tension is growing literally every week.

“SP”: – Which of the “towers” has more chances to win?

– Clutching, both of them, unfortunately, fall into the abyss, and it is extremely difficult to answer this question unequivocally. I can say one thing for now – the liberals are actively “working out the street”, and we can clearly see how this is happening in Belarus, where students and informals gather under the calls to “live like in Europe”.

And then either the street will ultimately say who is to blame, and then the “siloviki” will turn out to be extreme, or with the help of some constructions and constructions, the riot will be avoided, and then the liberals who will be accused of poverty and misfortune will become the “scapegoats” of people.

The only question is that the “siloviki” are not able to change the economy, because in their actions they do not question the liberal economic policy. And, it turns out, one can blame some particular oligarch and their group for all the troubles, but this will not be a cure for the crisis. There will simply be a redistribution that does not mean anything in a global sense, as a result of which some oligarchs will simply be replaced by others.

So the fight, in the end, is now being waged not for saving the economy from collapse, but for the opportunity to be the first to point the finger at the enemy and say that it is he who is to blame for everything. And the appearance in the joint Russian-Belarusian political space of some Russian oligarchs, including those who were in this light, I interpret as a preparation of public opinion for the person at whose address the people are shouting “Atu!”

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