Sep 24, 2021
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“Kremlin Towers” divide the chair of “the head of the State Duma”

Photo: Press Service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation / TASS

The elections continue. The main issue on the agenda: will the Viacheslav Volodin the chair of the speaker of the State Duma or give it up, for example, Vladimir Vasiliev? Or maybe one of the key positions in the Russian state will be occupied by a lady? For example, co-chairman of the ONF Central Headquarters, member of the Presidium of the Council for Science and Education under the President of the Russian Federation Elena Shmeleva or the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova?

A lot depends on the speaker of the State Duma: his main responsibility is to conduct meetings of the lower house, this is the most visible part of the work. But, besides this, he is also responsible for the internal order of the chamber; organizes the work of the Council of the State Duma; directs the apparatus of the State Duma; appoints and dismisses a number of officials responsible for the functioning of the State Duma … And this is just the beginning of the list of his duties! If they are reduced to one phrase, then without the speaker the work of the lower chamber will be paralyzed. He must be an administrator, a diplomat, and a nanny all rolled into one.

– I believe that Vyacheslav Volodin will retain his post, – said the former State Duma deputy Victor Alksnis… – Vasiliev is not very suitable for the role of a speaker. He is, of course, an experienced and respected person. But this position is very specific. And Volodin did not upset the Kremlin with anything, he did everything that was needed, he carried out everything, there was no need to remove him from the post of speaker of the State Duma.

As for Kuznetsova and Shmeleva …

– I can not say anything on this question, in order to answer it, you need insider information, I don’t have it, – said the MGIMO professor, a political analyst Valery Solovey

The political scientist also complained about the lack of information on the basis of which it would be possible to draw conclusions about the prospects of this or that candidate. Mikhail Delyagin:

– This is hard work, therefore, it would be better to leave Volodin in this position. He’s doing well with her. I have no specific information about which of the applicants has the most chances.

Sociologist Vladimir Rimsky notes that the lack of transparency in the process of selecting candidates for the highest positions of the state does not benefit democratic processes in society. In principle, the desire to place the struggle for power under the control of society was one of the significant motives for the introduction of democracy. In the modern world, such appointments must be public, otherwise a situation arises when the interests of the interested parties are not controlled:

– Such decisions at the highest level are made absolutely confidentially. Even the officials themselves may not know what kind of people, institutions support them. I don’t want to guess, but I have a couple of thoughts on this. By indirect evidence, I know that Volodin wants to stay in this position. And from the point of view of how he showed himself, the presidential administration is pleased with him, and he himself believes that he corresponds to this position.

If the desire to ensure the continuity of the activities of the Duma and this legislative branch of power in principle prevails, then Volodin should remain. But now there are other tendencies towards changes in the staff.

The sociologist drew attention to the fact that there is a likelihood of replacing Volodin with Vladimir Vasiliev, and this may be dictated by the need to make decisions related to the security sector, about which there were many publications and statements by officials before the elections.

And if this is so, then Vasiliev is a very good candidate – he is not just a general, that is, he knows how to build everyone, but also showed himself as a competent head of the republic in Dagestan. He successfully combines the set of qualities of a general and a civilian official, which he is now.

Vasiliev, of course, is clever. A little bit to clean up the corruption cesspool, which was formed in this wonderful republic in all respects, and helped the local elites to see the shores. But does he need the chair of the State Duma speaker himself? And what about Kuznetsova and Shmeleva?

It is one thing to head the party lists and work as the “face” of the authorities, and quite another thing is to sort out internal Duma squabbles and make sure that the people’s representatives vote correctly for the necessary decisions and do not kill each other in the heat of polemics.

There is one more important point: the lack of transparency in personnel decisions at the highest level inevitably leads to the fact that citizens come to the conclusion that nothing depends on them. After all, whatever the bright minds say, decisions concerning the most important aspects of the functioning of the state are made by specific high-ranking officials, not the people. And if people do not understand the criteria and motives for choosing a particular candidate, they are excluded from the political process.

I went to the polls, put a tick somewhere and forgot. As a result, an abyss is quickly formed between the authorities and the people – they cease to understand each other from the word “absolutely”. And a situation is gradually emerging when the upper classes “cannot”, and the lower classes “do not want to”.

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