Feb 22, 2021
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Kremlin ponders what to do with Lukashenka – political scientist Suzdaltsev

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made it clear that he is not going to go anywhere. Political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev from the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE) told what they think about this in Russia.

According to the expert, the Kremlin has a negative attitude towards the head of Belarus. The President never fulfilled the Sochi agreements: the reform of the Constitution and the transit of power were postponed indefinitely. Moscow is wondering what to do next with Alexander Lukashenko.

Suzdaltsev stressed that the situation with the Belarusian leader is difficult today. At the upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin, the head of the republic, on the one hand, will explain that he has no need to leave, and on the other hand, he will ask for more money for the social sphere and the economy.

Note that on February 18, Lukashenko denied information that he was going to ask for a new loan from Putin. The head of Belarus said that he plans to discuss with his colleague “some areas of bilateral cooperation.” “I’m not going to ask for something,” he said.

Politician Viktor Tereshchenko does not believe the Belarusian leader either. In his opinion, at the upcoming meeting with his colleague, Alexander Lukashenko will beat himself in the chest and claim that he saved Russia by taking the blow of the opposition forces on himself. All this will be for the sake of a new loan.

In early September, Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Sochi for talks with Vladimir Putin. Following the meeting, the Russian President announced that Belarus would receive a loan of $ 1.5 billion. A significant part of the amount went to refinance old debts.


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