Nov 14, 2021
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Kremlin handed QR-whip to United Russia

Kremlin handed QR-whip to United Russia

Photo: Alexander Zemlyanichenko / AP / TASS

In Russia, in the near future, they will introduce control of citizens’ access to public places and to transport using QR codes about vaccination. The relevant bills are already being developed in the government. According to the authorities’ idea, the QR code will need to be shown at the entrance to shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, cultural institutions, as well as trains and planes.

Until February 1, instead of QR codes, it will be possible to present a negative PCR test. But after February 1, only Russians with a medical disqualification have such an opportunity. The measure will be valid until at least June 22. Director of NITsEM named after Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg considers it “excellent”, since it was after the local introduction of QR codes that the mass vaccination began.

The Kremlin is in no hurry to show solidarity with the government. Dmitry Peskov he cautiously called QR codes “world practice”, which was recognized by many countries as having no alternative. It looks like they are afraid of responsibility for an unpopular measure. But “United Russia” hastened not to hesitate to announce that it will demand a QR code from the guests of its congress in early December.

Most Russians are not happy with the idea of ​​QR codes. According to a survey of the economically active population of the recruiting portal, only 27% of respondents support the innovation, while 54% do not see the need for their use. Among those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus, this is even 73%. The main argument is that the freedom of citizens may suffer.

Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Obukhov fears violation of the rights and freedoms of Russians.

– You can consider this information from the point of view of insurance and cowardice, when various leaks are launched in order to increase the vaccination rate of the population. Whether this is so is difficult to understand. At the same time, we see a show in the State Duma, where the chairman of the budget committee, United Russia Party member Makarov, weeps for a girl who mourned her mother who died of covid. But you can just as well mourn those who died after being vaccinated. Zhirinovsky shouts that he was vaccinated seven times. He’s probably immortal. That is, the authorities are rushing about and do not give any explanations to the public.

There are a whole host of questions about the effectiveness of government policies to tackle the pandemic. You can recall the lack of oxygen, about the fact that all the funds were thrown for the development of a vaccine, and not drugs for covid, about the reduction in the draft budget of funds for pharmaceuticals. How much do QR codes reduce the incidence of coronavirus? Are there such statistics? Nobody explains anything. Society is confronted with a fact and thus intimidated. Only weak authorities do this.

“SP”: United Russia promised to check QR codes at their congress …

– So something is really being prepared. So far, the introduction of QR codes looks like an attempt to limit the rights and freedoms of Russians. Then read the warning of the chairman of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin. He noted that the fight against the pandemic should not infringe on rights and should be determined by law. By the way, we still live in an incomprehensible legal regime of high alert. Why are these gaps not being addressed? I have submitted many requests for this.

Social psychologist Valentin Roshchin, notes how strongly society has become polarized on the issue of vaccination.

– This is arm twisting. People are given to understand that they have nowhere to go and they, the scoundrels, will still be forced to be grafted. At the same time, the government has an example of almost all of Europe before its eyes. There, people without a QR code have been practically not allowed anywhere for a long time. It turns out that our progressive society, the pro-Western intelligentsia, unexpectedly became an ardent supporter of the government and the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Although she was previously unhappy with everything, she challenged Putin,

Crimea, cultural policy. Moreover, it is these people who mainly work in various kinds of media. Therefore, the government can put pressure on without fear of a harsh reaction in the press and social networks.

The only thing for which the enlightened public condemns the authorities is their slowness, for the fact that the practices of modern apartheid are not being introduced intensively enough. After all, we are talking about the total segregation of our society, dividing it into clean and unclean. The first are vaccinated, the second are not vaccinated. The only thing the government needs to fear is the deep people. Although it has always been the other way around. Rotten intellectuals criticized the authorities, and the people were always in favor. This situation is not comfortable either for the authorities or for the people.

You might think that the authorities have some kind of plan for the rapid vaccination of the population, which they decided to achieve at any cost, regardless of any sacrifices. For example, vaccinate 80 percent of the population. Although recently there are a lot of facts that do not fit into the concept. In some countries, where more vaccinated than in the Russian Federation, mortality is also higher. So do we need a total vaccination? But the government took a bite at the bit.

“SP”: The determination of the authorities is felt in their rhetoric. But they are going to fully enter QR codes only since February. What prevents you from doing this earlier?

“Sounds like the last Chinese warning. Perhaps the decision was made to influence the situation with statements, just as financial regulators get the market movement they want by verbal intervention. This tactic will allow you not to spend money. And this is a significant argument for our Cabinet, although they handed out mere pennies to people. They declared, scared someone, then rolled them back, as a result, several percent were vaccinated. Then all over again. Thus, the proportion of those vaccinated has been raised from 11 percent at the beginning of the summer to the current almost 35 percent.

Another thing is that in response to such pressure, an increasingly obvious nucleus of vaccine skeptics crystallizes. The most conformable to the idea of ​​vaccination and the authorities were vaccinated at the end of last year, then those who were firmer, then even firmer, and finally, there remains a core of those who, in principle, do not want to be vaccinated. Naturally, bitterness grows. In social networks, battles begin between vaccinators and anti-vaccinators. Both sides are good with imagination. Threats are heard, including on the air of the state media, which are stunning in their expression. All this strongly divides the society.

In turn, the lucky owner of the QR code Zhanna Ulyasheva from the Komi Republic is sure that health is more expensive.

– Where the safety of some begins, the freedom and anti-Akser licentiousness of others ends. Anti-Axis should be treated like shahids. There is something self-destructive about them. The attraction to death fascinates them, that’s what is unpleasant. They not only like the deadly statistics while it is not about them, but also the opportunity to replenish it or become a source of infection. Like those drivers who don’t use airbags.

But anti-vaccine users do not sit at home, they are used to trusting their anti-Akser body, getting on a plane, they buy medicines at a pharmacy, but at the same time they are distinguished by a paradoxical distrust of the generally recognized vaccine.

The freshest comments of antivaxers on the verge of a nervous breakdown: people, the more vaccinated, the more sick, think about it! But in our country the majority of people get higher education like a passport. But statistics and mathematics passed their diploma. And those who studied poorly now suffer from the coronavirus of the brain.

“SP”: A bit harsh. What should those who hold such a point of view do?

– I limited my environment only to the vaccinated. Unfortunately, I had to deprive myself of my favorite three “Ps” – pedicure, Pilates, peeling. All three specialists, one of them a doctor, were found to be fundamentally unvaccinated. In short, anti-vaccinators need to retire to their ghetto

away from the blessings of humanity, because healthy people simply cannot but protect themselves at least with QR codes from this modern obscurantism.

“SP”: Do you check the codes in Syktyvkar?

– I know what exactly is checked in the pool. Until recently, they were not checked in cinemas. There is a clear conflict of interests between business and public safety. Businesses can only be motivated to thoroughly check QR codes with large fines. Especially “plus” for the introduction of QR codes in the church. Because of the devout anti-axers, I have to go to early liturgy on a weekday. Parishioners, contrary to the instructions of the patriarch, organize frantic information campaigns against the vaccine.

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