Oct 14, 2021
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Kovalchuk and Chumakov celebrated the 4th anniversary of their daughter in Spain


Singer Yulia Kovalchuk shared a snapshot from the birthday of her daughter Amelia, which she and Alexei Chumakov noted in Spain.

Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov are now in Spain – on the Costa Brava, the couple have a two-story apartment of 83 square meters. Recently, the couple increasingly prefer to spend time there so that their daughter Amelia can enjoy the sea and the sun.

At the resort, the artists also celebrated the birthday of the heiress, who turned 4 years old on October 12. The singer posted on Instagram a photo from the holiday, warmly congratulating the baby. True, the artist, as always, preferred not to show the girl to the public, so only her pen got into the frame.


Daughter, beloved! May God grant that your whole life be filled with the sun, warm honest people and an ocean of love! You are our life! Mom and Dad will always be there“, – Kovalchuk turned to Amelia.

The singer previously said that her daughter really likes Spain, and she only misses Russia in winter and asks to go to Moscow to see the snow. The heiress of the artists has already made friends abroad who came to her for her birthday.

Recall that Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov first became parents in 2017. The singer carefully concealed her pregnancy, and after giving birth, she kept her daughter’s name a secret for a long time. Until now, the spouses do not show the baby to the public, believing that it is too early for her to become a public person. However, in one of the interviews, Chumakov said that Amelia inherited dark hair and brown eyes from him, but she also has her mother’s features.

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