May 15, 2022
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Kosovars on the sly want to sneak into the Council of Europe

Kosovars on the sly want to sneak into the Council of Europe

Photo: AP Photo / Darko Vojinovic

The situation in Ukraine helped the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo to apply for membership in the Council of Europe, said the speaker of the “parliament” of the unrecognized republic Glaucus Confucius.

The application was needed. The latest events in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine have created a favorable situation,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying on Radio and Television Kosovo. Konyuftsa, however, added that even the states that recognized the independence of Kosovo advised the authorities in Pristina not to rush to submit applications for membership in the Council of Europe.

“Then, in 2015, we had 2/3 of the votes, but there was no favor for us. The conversations that we had recently changed the atmosphere, as did the changes in Kosovo itself, as well as in the international arena,” Konyuftsa stressed.

Formerly Kosovo “Prime Minister” Albin Kurti asked NATO for Pristina to join the alliance “in the light of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.” According to him, Serbia, on the one hand, does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, and on the other hand, “it received most of its weapons from Russia, most Russian companies have branches in Serbia.”

What does it mean? Did Russia’s special operation untie the hands of all its enemies, including those in the former Yugoslavia? Now, “in the light of the special operation” is it possible to do anything? Where is the connection?

“The Russian special operation in Ukraine has not created any new inputs for the Western world,” he said. Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Government of Russia Vladimir Blinov.

– International treachery, as it has been the dominant feature of European relations with respect to strangers, since the 17th century, so now it remains so. Yes, among themselves they adhere to norms, but after the Second World War, the political subjectivity of European states dissolved. The whales of financial and industrial capital are hiding behind governments, and the conditional relationship between France and Germany is decided not at the level of top officials, but at the level of corporations that permeate these countries. Today there is a relationship of conditional Siemens and Reno, but there is a screen of international law, included unilaterally, so as not to bother writing unique stories.

In 2008, the “original” story still had to be concocted. It sounded like a justification for the independence of Kosovo because of the ethnic cleansing carried out by the Serbs against the Albanians. The massacre by Albanians, Croats and all other Serbs with the participation of NATO countries, of course, was not taken into account by the West, just like the genocide of Russians in the Donbass today. At the same time, Kosovo’s history was proclaimed precisely as unique, unparalleled and incapable of becoming a precedent in the future. What was the reason for such selectivity and leaving UN mechanisms aside is a clear question.

Nikolai Danilevsky believed that there was a civilizational gap between Russia and the West, leading to eternal rejection of Russia and their Slavic counterparts. The position of the West regarding Kosovo and everything that happens in the lands of the Orthodox Slavs comes down to the well-known phrase of Volk in Krylov’s fable: “You are only to blame for the fact that I want to eat.”

— Kosovo Albanians are trying in every possible way to emphasize the connection between Serbia and Russia. Like, even worse Russians are behind the bad Serbs, I’m sure Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy of the Russian State Humanitarian University Vadim Trukhachev.

Pictured: Annalena Burbock, Alliance 90/The Greens, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs during a meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti, 10 March 2022.
Pictured: Annalena Burbock, Alliance 90/The Greens, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs during a meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti, 10 March 2022. (Photo: IMAGO/Thomas Imo/TASS)

– And if now the West is at war with Russia – it’s time to recognize the most incredible “Wishlist” of the Kosovars.

“SP”: – If not for the Russian special operation, would not have dared?

– They would have decided without a special operation in Ukraine. Just now they chose the right, as it seems to them, moment.

“SP”: – In your opinion, is this an initiative of Pristina or an attempt by the West to put pressure on Belgrade?

– I think that part of the West, represented by the United States and Britain, is behind this. Or at least some circles in them. But the rest of the West was not opposed, because they want to put pressure on Serbia and force her to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

“SP”: – Is it possible to say that February 24 unleashed the hands of not only Russia, but also the West in its anti-Russian activities? Is everything possible now?

– Yes, now you can, if not everything, then almost everything. However, in relation to this case, the whole question comes down to how much Serbia has become in the minds of Western politicians in the “continuation of Russia.” Here opinions vary by country.

“SP”: – Earlier, the Kosovars asked NATO to accept them under the pretext of a Russian special operation in Ukraine. Maybe they will now accept it in both the CE and NATO? Where else will they ask?

– They can once again apply to the UN and the European Union. Or at least start with the OSCE. The whole point is that while the same European Union is trying to talk with Serbia not only with a “stick”, and therefore they will not immediately satisfy the desire of the Albanians. Moreover, five EU countries have not yet recognized Kosovo.

“SP”: – In Serbia, they announced the withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo by four states. And this despite the work of the West for recognition and pressure on Serbia? What countries do you think we are talking about? Will the process of withdrawal of recognition continue? To what extent does the growth of Russia’s role in the world affect this?

– China has more influence here, not Russia. In 1999, the Americans bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, and since then Kosovo has become an important part of Chinese politics. And he, like Russia, also opposes his recognition. I won’t guess – but I’ll assume that we are talking about a couple of countries in Africa, one in Oceania and one in Latin America.
In Europe, the first candidate for the withdrawal of recognition is the Czech Republic, but under the current government, it will not agree to this.

“SP”: – In your opinion, what other long-standing conflicts the West can try to stir up under the pretext of a Russian special operation?

– All conflicts in the post-Soviet and post-Yugoslav space, without exception.

According to coordinator of the party “Other Russia E. V. Limonov” * Andrey Dmitrievthere is, of course, no direct legal or diplomatic connection between Kosovo’s application to the Council of Europe and Russia.

– This is such gypsy logic – while there is a big fight at the fair, the loudest yell for one of the fights and demand a horse and a purse with pennies.

The position of the Serbian authorities is interesting. And they are led by Alexander Vucic successfully back themselves into a corner. Serbia has supported anti-Russian resolutions three times in the UN over the past month. Then Vucic was unhappy Vladimir Putinwho, at a meeting with the UN Secretary General, said that the International Court of Justice, by its decision on Kosovo, opened up the possibility for the LPR and DPR to declare independence without the consent of Kyiv. And what, you ask, is wrong here? On the same basis, we have the right to recognize the independence of Transcarpathia, Transnistria, Gagauzia, and any other entity that sympathizes with Russia.

The only thing Putin can be reproached for is that he is somewhat old-fashioned. As a lawyer, he tries to rely on the norms of international law, which have not worked for a long time. Instead, in relations with the West, there is a universal principle: “To live with wolves is to howl like a wolf.” The special operation in Ukraine made it quite obvious to everyone.

Well, the Serbian authorities, trying to howl now for the Western flock, now for the Russian, are now going to initiate a broad international campaign against Kosovo’s application to the Council of Europe, counting on Moscow’s support. But in order to receive it, at least it is not worth speaking out against Russia… Compare the official position of Serbia with China, which votes against anti-Russian resolutions in the UN and gives clearly sympathetic coverage of the special operation in the media. Or with North Korea – in a recent congratulation on Victory Day Kim Chen In directly expressed “solidarity with the cause of the Russian people in order to eradicate military-political threats.” Yes, Serbia is in Europe, and China and North Korea are on their own, but still the difference is very large.

Regarding the withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo by four countries (according to the head of the Serbian Foreign Ministry). In general, there is an established international practice, well known in the example of China and Taiwan, when, for example, some Nauru first hears a financial call from Taipei and recognizes, then Beijing comes in, outbids, and she withdraws recognition. Some do this several times, good business… There are no examples of Russia and Serbia doing this, but you have to look at what kind of four countries they are. In any case, it is too early to write about “the withdrawal of international recognition from the world community” and about “the growth of Russia’s influence in the world.”

* The organization is not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia

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