Oct 15, 2021
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Kosher coronavirus attacks Israel

Kosher coronavirus attacks Israel

Photo: AP / TASS

Svobodnaya Pressa continues to publish translations by authors from alternative Western media. This is far from the kind of propaganda that is printed in CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other “authoritative” media resources. If you are interested in learning more about these authors, you can take a look here.

In Israel, 84% of the population aged 12 and over is vaccinated.

September 14, 2021, newspaper Once from Israel reported that “The current wave of coronavirus infections surpasses anything seen in previous outbreaks”… Ministry of Health data “Showed that 10,000 new cases of Covid were diagnosed in one day”… And this number is growing. Rather than predicting a sustained decline in vaccine-related outbreaks, new cases have risen sharply. Despite one of the highest vaccination rates of any country on the planet, Israel has the world’s highest number of Covid cases per capita. This is twice as much as in the United States.

From the Israeli experience, we can conclude that either the Pfizer vaccine does not protect against Covid, which Israel appears to be heavily infected with, or the vaccine causes Covid, or causes adverse reactions that are confused with Covid.

Israel’s health minister is either completely stupid or completely brainwashed to (take position – S. D.) “Vaccination is the answer” (or he is paid by Pfizer), as the minister’s decision is to blame the 16% of the population that is not vaccinated, despite the fact that new cases are observed mainly among the vaccinated.

How long can it go on for health ministers, presstitutes, politicians and medical institutions to continue to ignore the evidence and instead maintain the contradictory position that “Vaccination is the answer!”

It was believed that the West in the 21st century should be a scientific, technological society, but still it believes in the tales of vaccines.

Or the ruling elite has an agenda unknown to the people.

EDITORIAL OFFICE “SP”: we publish this material of an American journalist within the framework of the controversy about the benefits or harms of vaccination, although at the same time we do not share the point of view of the author – an obvious covid dissident. It is noteworthy that in his emotional publication the author operates exclusively with the statistics of the sick, but at the same time does not provide data on the number of deaths in those vaccinated and does not disclose in what form – severe or mild the disease proceeds. However, given this clearly insufficient information to draw conclusions and the silence typical of Covid dissidents, he essentially calls for the refusal of vaccination. Which is at least strange …

authorPaul Craig RobertsPaul Craig Roberts—Doctor of Economics, Undersecretary of the Treasury for economic policy in administration Ronald Reagan… Worked as an editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Scripps Howard News Service. V At the time, he was a regular columnist for The Washington Times. Author of numerous books on the biggest problems of our time.

Translation by Sergey Dukhanov

Published since permissions the author.

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