May 31, 2022
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Korotchenko spoke about the strategic importance of Severodonetsk

Korotchenko spoke about the strategic importance of Severodonetsk

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After the Russian troops take control of Severodonetsk, it will be possible to speak of a turning point in the “military special operation.” This was stated in an interview with URA.RU military expert Igor Korotchenko.

“Severodonetsk will be the second Azovstal after they capitulate. We need victories, because the task of the second stage of the special military operation is the encirclement, dismemberment, and destruction of the Ukrainian group in the Donbass,” Korotchenko said.

According to him, further the RF Armed Forces will advance to the borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. And this promotion will be easier, Korotchenko is sure, since battles are now being fought with the most trained units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But Korotchenko emphasized that one should not expect easy victories, since the Ukrainian army is motivated and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are stubbornly defending themselves. Nevertheless, he has no doubt that sooner or later Russia will reach its goals.

Recall that the Russian Federation has been conducting a “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine since February 24. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 25, more than 1.3 thousand Russian servicemen were killed in battles on the territory of Ukraine. In April and May, the department did not provide data on the losses of the RF Armed Forces.

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