Oct 14, 2020
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Korotchenko reveals what is the “envy” of Russia weapons of the United States

Trump's boastful statements about the latest US weapons are not based on anything and are not supported by anything. Behind these statements is the desire to win the presidential elections. Military expert Igor Korotchenko told NewInform about this.

US President Donald Trump has once again shocked the world with a statement that the latest American defense developments are the envy of Russia, China and all other states. The fact that America has "such weapons and equipment that no country has ever seen before," the American leader said at a meeting with his supporters in Pennsylvania.

Trump categorically stated that everyone, including Russia and China, envies them, because they have something that no other country has. Also, the head of the White House promised that if he wins the upcoming November 3 elections, he will not "drag America into endless, ridiculous wars."

Speaking about the latest weapons, Trump most likely meant a nuclear weapon system, as described in the book by American journalist Bob Woodward, Rage ("Fury"). It is based, among other things, on nearly two dozen interviews by Woodward with the American president. The publication clarifies that Woodward's sources "later confirmed that the US Armed Forces have a new secret weapons system."

How consistent are Trump's statements, given the obvious superiority of Russia in a number of areas in the field of weapons, and on what such rhetoric is based on the part of the US leader, said Igor Korotchenko, a military expert, director of the Center for Analysis of the World Arms Trade (TSAMTO).

“Trump's statements are pre-election in nature, this is obvious. There is less than a month left before the voting procedure, so he makes such statements, focusing on his potential electorate. We are talking about the military-industrial complex and the personnel of the US Army and Navy, as well as some of the positively-minded voters, ”the source explained.

Korotchenko drew attention to the fact that Trump never confirms his words with anything, except for talking about "super duper" missiles that no one has seen.

“In fact, Trump's tweet is that rocket. If Russia launched Zircon and demonstrated it to the whole world, then the head of the White House can only show a tweet in his Twitter account as proof. It is clear that these are all just populist, boastful statements. He wants to win the elections, so he will tell that America is ahead of the whole planet, and that it is reliably protected, and he himself is a national hero, ”the military expert is convinced.

Korotchenko believes that Russia should be absolutely calm about such statements and not react to them.

“Well, let him show his super-rocket at least sometime. He is fighting for a second presidential term, so he can say whatever he wants to win, up to the point that a landing party was landed from Mars and he destroyed it, ”concluded the director of TSAMTO.

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