Jun 1, 2022
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Kornilov accused the Financial Times of lying about Putin

Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov has convicted foreign media of publishing another fake related to the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thus, the American newspaper Financial Times published an article in which Putin’s statement about the Odessa port was distorted. The authors of the material claim that Putin allegedly said that he would allow ships with grain to leave the port of Odessa if the European Union lifted all sanctions.

Kornilov accused the Financial Times of lying about Putin


“What is an outright lie! <…>They lie and don’t blush!” Korneev said.

The political scientist noted that Russia did not put forward any conditions for the exit of merchant ships from Odessa and more than once gave them humanitarian corridors.

SM-News news agency wrote that political scientist Kornilov recalled what Putin had been warning Russian oligarchs and businessmen about for many years. Earlier in the United States passed a law allowing to confiscate the assets of foreigners.

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