May 1, 2021
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Konstantin Meladze has declassified the name of the daughter of his brother and Albina Dzhanabaeva

Several weeks ago, a replenishment took place in the family of Valery Meladze and his wife Albina Dzhanabaeva – the couple had a daughter. The name of the baby star parents were in no hurry to disclose.

For a long time, the former lead singer of the VIA Gra group, Albina Dzhanabaeva, managed to hide her third pregnancy. Even the spouses reported the birth of their daughter two days after the girl was born. The replenishment in the family of Meladze and Dzhanabaeva took place on Cosmonautics Day – April 12. The couple tries to hide their little happiness from prying eyes. They also kept the girl’s name a secret, but the intrigue was broken by the baby’s uncle, music producer Konstantin Meladze.

“I am an uncle for the sixth time. They named Agatha “, – said the brother of Valery Meladze in the program” People of the Big City “.

Fans of the couple appreciated the choice of a name for the child, noting that the girl’s name is very beautiful. Albina Dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze are also raising two sons – 17-year-old Kostya and 6-year-old Luka. The singer said that children, due to their age, reacted differently to replenishment in the family. The youngest heir to the star couple was looking forward to his brother or sister, but his older brother took his mother’s pregnancy very seriously.

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