Oct 27, 2021
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Konstantin Khabensky will be artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater


According to the press, actor Konstantin Khabensky will head the theater.

Rumors about a change of leadership at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, which have been causing heated discussion for a week now, have finally been confirmed. It was announced that Sergei Zhenovach, who was put in charge of the theater in 2018 after the death of Oleg Tabakov, is still leaving his post. He wrote a statement of his own free will, although his work contract was to be valid for another six months.

They say that the director was asked to leave the post because he did not justify the hopes placed on him to reform the Moscow Art Theater. The last straw was the performance of the Gogol Center, which Zhenovach recently removed from the repertoire. It was then that reports appeared that they were preparing to replace the head of the theater with Yevgeny Mironov, who is now heading the Theater of Nations.

Konstantin Khabensky
Konstantin Khabensky

However, the Moscow Art Theater troupe categorically opposed this candidacy. Allegedly, the artists even threatened to start a riot if their opinion was not listened to and, it seems, insisted on their own. As it turned out, the post of artistic director eventually went to Konstantin Khabensky, who has been working in the theater since 2003, RIA Novosti reports.

The appointment of the actor cannot be called unexpected. It was rumored that Khabensky had been aiming for this position for a long time and got the appointment. Even last year, he openly opposed Zhenovach and his new management policy, indignant that the director was removing box-office performances from the repertoire and not providing work for the troupe. As you know, it was Zhenovach who stopped working with Konstantin Bogomolov, who was nurtured by Tabakov, and recently Alexander Molochnikov left the theater, not finding a common language with the leadership. Khabensky is now expected to return the Moscow Art Theater to its former popularity and the old order established under Oleg Pavlovich.

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