Jan 23, 2021
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Konstantin Ivlev made an offer to a young lover

Chef Konstantin Ivlev made an offer to his young lover Valeria Kudenkova on the air of the TV show.

Konstantin Ivlev made an offer to a young lover

On the channel “Friday!” the newest season of the Four Weddings project has started. In the first episode, the famous TV presenter and chef Konstantin Ivlev made his beloved Valeria Kudenkova an offer of a hand and a heart.

“I want you to be the person who would support me in everything, become for me a true friend, brother, comrade, and in general all the epithets that can be applied to a beautiful girl,” said Konstantin Ivlev, promising his darling “light” at the wedding, as if they love it.

What the chef’s beloved responded until unknown.

Dyadka took advantage of the new offer of the Friday! Channel, which is available to every viewer. Now everyone can take on the air in the middle of the show “Four Weddings” and say the cherished words to their other half.

To download a video with a proposal, you need to go to the program’s website. It’s dignified to attach a link to the recipient’s Instagram account. The most touching videos will be broadcast.

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