Oct 14, 2021
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Konstantin Bogomolov spoke about the terrible accident with Sobchak


Director Konstantin Bogomolov, 46, is outraged that the tragic fatal accident is being used to settle scores with his wife, Ksenia Sobchak.

On October 9, the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak became a participant in a terrible fatal accident. Then the wife of Konstantin Bogomolov was heading to the Sochi airport in a car with a driver provided to her. The man severely violated the traffic rules, drove into the oncoming lane to overtake, and head-on collided with Volkswagen, which was thrown into the minibus.

As a result of the accident, 35-year-old Yekaterina Tarasova, who was sitting in a Volkswagen, died. Another passenger of this car, 29-year-old Oksana Sadochnik, survived, but received very serious injuries. Sobchak and her assistant received a concussion during the accident, but Ksenia refused medical assistance in Sochi and decided to fly to Moscow to her son and husband.

Due to the fact that the TV presenter left the scene of the accident and did not approach the victims, a flurry of criticism fell upon her. Many believe that Sobchak should have been at the scene until the last, even though she was not at all to blame for the accident. Sobchak’s spouse, Konstantin Bogomolov, also lost nerves.

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov
Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov

This story is terrible. Here is death. And you will not add or subtract anything. And all reasoning against this background is meaningless. Everyone is unhappy here. And the relatives of the victims. And the driver. And the survivors. Everybody fell victim“, – wrote the director on Instagram.

But the last bastards here are using tragedy to settle scores and read the notation“, – he was indignant.

Note that the TV presenter herself was silent for a long time, but in the end she commented on what happened. “I was in the car. The car is not mine, nor is the driver. I didn’t rush the driver, of course. None of us rushed. During the trip, I talked about work in the “ zoom ”, there is a record of how I do it. It was a specific personal decision of the driver – true“, – wrote Xenia.

We left in another car, but first my director Kirill called an ambulance and went to see if we could help another car. They have already been dealt with“- said Sobchak.

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