Oct 16, 2020
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Konstantin Bogomolov called Ksenia Sobchak his life and happiness

11:56, 16.10.2020

The director showed a photo of his wife taken on vacation.

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Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak regularly publish photos of each other on their Instagram microblogs and are not afraid to publicly talk about their feelings. Today, the director posted a photo of his wife taken while on vacation on a social network. In the post, Bogomolov touchingly addressed the journalist with a love confession.

“I don’t miss the sea. You hug you and fall like in a warm sea. You are life and happiness. I love ”, - wrote Konstantin (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Ksenia herself also noted more than once that she was delighted with her second husband and admired not only his talent as a director and appearance, but also his intellect. Ksenia Sobchak compared herself with a simple push-button telephone, and her lover - with a beautiful smartphone of the latest model, which she never ceases to admire.

Konstantin Bogomolov published a photo of Ksenia Sobchak

"To the stupid question" what is the main quality in a man? " I answer without hesitation - intelligence. And not only in a man, in people, in principle, this is the most important and valuable. Living with a person and realizing that his intellect surpasses yours by several orders of magnitude is incredible happiness, and the desire to always develop and conform. You understand that your microchip was created by God differently, there is less memory, there are no pictures, but the screen does not beat and the battery lasts for two days, ”Ksenia Sobchak wrote in her microblog on Instagram.

Recall that the relationship between Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov became known in early 2019. In the summer of the same year, the TV presenter divorced Maxim Vitorgan, and in the fall she became the director's wife. The wedding of the stars has become one of the brightest and most high-profile events of the year. The lovers drove up to the registry office in a hearse, and then got married in a church. The event continued at the Museum of Moscow, where a banquet was organized. There Ksenia surprised all the guests with a frank dance - she performed it as a gift to her husband.

Before and after the wedding, journalists and social network users closely followed the changes in the figure of Ksenia Sobchak. There were rumors that the journalist was pregnant, but so far no confirmation of this information has appeared. Moreover, the TV presenter has a negative attitude to such speculations and admits that she is already tired of hearing the same thing about herself.

Wedding photo of Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov

“I have already forgotten that before any secular dinner, you must, like through pigeons in Piazza San Marco, fearing that the pigeons will poop and ruin your coat, go through the cameras stuck under your nose with the question“ when will Plato wait for his sister? ” and "what did Constantine give for the anniversary?" - said Ksenia Sobchak in her microblog on Instagram.

Earlier, Ksenia Sobchak admitted that it was hard for her to look at the kiss of Konstantin Bogomolov with another woman. An unpleasant reaction from the journalist was caused by an episode of the new series "Psycho", where Konstantin Bogomolov plays the main role. According to the plot, the actor and director had to kiss his partner. According to Sobchak, she was not at all reassured by the fact that the kiss was staged. “The horror that happened to me. I'm not an idiot and I understand that all this is a shot and a production, but I see - and it makes me so unpleasant! " - The TV presenter shared her experience.

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