Sep 5, 2022
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Komzdrav is closing beds amid rising incidence of COVID-19

Komzdrav is closing beds amid rising incidence of COVID-19

In the northern capital, statistics on the daily incidence of COVID-19 does not fall below 2,500 new cases. Such indicators do not prevent Smolny from rolling up beds for patients diagnosed with coronavirus.

Over the last day in St. Petersburg revealed 2,690 new cases of COVID-19. At the same time, in the Northern capital, collective immunity holding on at around 10.6%, and in order to resist the pandemic, you need 60%.

However, such indicators do not motivate the administration of Alexander Beglov to provide additional beds. On the contrary, the authorities reduce their number. Thus, 112 beds were removed in the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 5, and 70 in the Hospital for War Veterans. According to officials, there is no need for these beds.

Petersburg has already failed in the fight against the pandemic. Then the Comzdrav pursued an ineffective policy, which affected the condition of the townspeople. Hospitals were under heavy pressure. There were not enough doctors and equipment.

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