Jun 2, 2022
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Komi deputies propose to wear the St. George ribbon all the time, not limited to the action

The draft law on the St. George Ribbon is conceptually complete, the deputies from Komi will propose only a number of minor technical amendments. Chairman Sergei Usachev spoke about this at a meeting in the State Council of Komi.

On July 2, the people’s representatives discussed the document, which occupies only three pages, and fully supported its concept. Recall that the bill, which was introduced by Senator Andrei Turchak and State Duma deputy Olga Zanko, proposes to equate the St. George ribbon with symbols of military glory. Ribbon will be fixed in colors and specific format, will be fixed where it can be used. And most importantly, legislators will determine the protection of the symbol in administrative terms from frivolous use.

The bill is simple in the legal sense, and its essence has found support. Meanwhile, Komi deputies raised the issue of permanent wearing of the ribbon, which should not be limited to the official action taking place in May.

“As for history, there are no trifles. People living in Russia should understand that this is our history, for which millions of people gave their lives, ”Usachev concluded.

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