May 13, 2020
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Komarovsky told why horseradish is better than ginger and how to do warming with a toe with buckwheat

Pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, who made a great contribution to informing the public about the coronavirus, would like to return to consultations on a wider range of issues. The doctor has already changed the format of his video training camps , calling them "Fun Questions". and the word "coronavirus" was removed from their name, and in any case it reminds me that he told about COVID - is all that is possible and a little bit even beyond that. And questions about the coronavirus all come and go. I have to answer, albeit in a humorous way.

Is it harmful to warm up? And is it possible to cure coronavirus by warming up, because it is afraid of high temperatures?

The old recipe says what you need to heat the corn grits in a cauldron, pour into a bag of cloth and attach to the chest or throat, laying it on another cloth. I will honestly tell you that such methods, when you need to put something in a bag and heat up, are widely used. Somewhere corn, somewhere they use buckwheat. A sock can be used instead of a pouch. Yes, and a cauldron is an outdated technology, a sock with buckwheat can be heated in the microwave, seconds) - and you're done. And in overseas countries they use bones from cherries instead of buckwheat.

Is it possible to treat bronchitis, coronavirus and so on in this way? You can treat, cure - you can’t. Yes, coronavirus is afraid of heat above degrees). But imagine what the temperature of your “heating pad” should be for the bronchi to warm up to 30 degrees, and the coronavirus died there?

Therefore, in fact, all of these procedures - banks, mustard plasters, greasing with fats, and pouches, and soaring feet - they are called "distracting procedures." Procedures that distract the patient and his family from bad thoughts and allow the latter to also show their love. When did you get sick, what did your grandmother do? She did not sit idly by; she made a bag of corn warmed him. Engaged in business. You felt bad, you coughed - and your grandmother, instead of sitting and suffering, was engaged in business. It is very important to help someone who is sick and to do business.

Therefore, it is very important for us to choose procedures that distract from sad thoughts, allow us to realize our love, and most importantly, don’t will be harmful.

What is more effective for the prevention of viral diseases: our native horseradish or ginger overseas?

It is important to understand the meaning of the phrase "fuck the tear." People do not always understand why the virus that multiplies in the upper respiratory tract is in the nasal mucosa - and infection is possible because we scratched our eyes?

The fact is that tears, when they form, flow down not only along the cheeks, but also inside. Moreover, most of it flows through the nasolacrimal canal into the nasal cavity. Therefore, we sniff when we cry.

There is one more nuance related to the effectiveness of crying. Tears contain a protein called lysozine, which has antiviral properties. Therefore, children who cry and rinse their nose with lysozyme are sick less often than those who simply lie and remain silent.

Therefore, we can assume that our local horseradish, which kills a tear, makes us dart helps to rinse the nose with lysozyme and additionally enhances our immune defense. Therefore, horseradish is definitely more effective than ginger!

Do I need to "puff" a cat with an antiseptic before stroking?

First. In the cat, that is - inside the cat, do not ziggle in any case. And the cat is also not needed. If you have already stroked a cat, especially one who roamed about outside, spraying an antiseptic on your hands is not forbidden, and this will even be the right decision. This is very effective when it comes to love for cats. Stroke - and say: “Pshshshsh .... pshshshshsh.”

Earlier, Dr. Komarovsky told if the coronavirus would give Ukrainians the opportunity to relax at sea this year. Dr. Komarovsky was one of the first in Ukraine to start informational and educational work regarding the epidemic (then not pandemic) of the coronavirus. In particular, to ward off panic, Komarovsky on his own initiative came to Novye Sanzhary after the riots caused by the arrival of Ukrainians from China for observation, and gave a lecture for the residents of the village.

Even earlier, Yevgeny Komarovsky told that there are a huge number of viruses that are much more dangerous than the coronavirus COVID - 19. However, no one really knows anything about the "fresh" virus, no drugs, vaccines, and no one has immunity to it. Therefore, everyone is so scared.


Dr. Komarovsky supported Todorenko: Regina, stop hysteria and make excuses!

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