May 16, 2020
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Komarovsky said what a popular treat is good for immunity

Komarovsky told what a popular delicacy is useful for immunity / UNIAN

The famous Ukrainian medical pediatrician (concurrently also a TV presenter) Yevgeny Komarovsky called a popular treat that can help the body more successfully fight infection attacks.

In an interview with the Today portal, the doctor said that it is ice cream that has a good effect on strengthening immunity. Cold affects tonsils and, accordingly, contributes to overall health.

According to Komarovsky, ice cream can lead the body to resistance to various types of diseases. The physician believes that parents can buy such a treat for their children regularly.

"I often say that to strengthen local oral immunity, regular the effect of cold on the tonsils is very cool, "Komarovsky said. However, the doctor said that ice cream is contraindicated in children with obesity (since it is very high in calories).

Recall that earlier Evgeny Komarovsky stated that regular positive emotions Regular sex plus fresh air is one of the best ways to strengthen immunity.

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