Jan 10, 2022
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Kolomoisky tries to blackmail Washington

On the meeting of Zelensky and Kolomoisky in Bukovel

According to the established tradition, Zelensky went to spend the New Year’s holidays in his “native Carpathians” (as he wrote on social networks). And he was accommodated not in a government residence, but in a prestigious hotel Radisson Blue Resort in the ski resort Bukovel. And a coincidence had to happen: Igor Kolomoisky settled in the same hotel, on the same fifth floor. Everyone should have understood that the alliance between Zelensky and the oligarch remains.

Winter is in full swing, and meanwhile, the reserves of gas in gas storage facilities and coal at power plants are half of last year’s, this is the absolute minimum in the history of independent Ukraine. To compensate for the shortage of coal and gas, nuclear power was brought to full capacity – for the first time in history, all 15 Ukrainian reactors are operating simultaneously. This is a mobilization regime, fraught with accidents, and the loss of even one million-strong reactor can disrupt the Ukrainian energy balance.

Commercial consumers, thanks to “achieving gas independence from Russia”, have to buy gas on the “free market”, where the price reached a fantastic $ 2,700 per 1,000 cubic meters ($ 500 higher than in Europe at its peak in mid-December), which is approximately 9 (!) times higher than a year ago.

Dairy, confectionery, bakery enterprises, one after another, began to declare a reduction in production and the impending complete halt. And the economy it’s not just them. These are tens of thousands of enterprises of various sizes and areas of activity that fill the budget, create jobs, and provide citizens with sources of livelihood. And you can no longer count on anything.

Zelensky’s opponents are preparing for a decisive attack at the moment when these problems are fully felt by everyone, but for now they are finishing off the rest of the president’s rating. PR strikes against Zelensky follow one after another, often in them one can see the work of the “fifth column” within the government. On December 17, an order of the Ministry of Defense began to operate in Ukraine, expanding the list of specialties and professions for women who must register for military service. More than a hundred professions were added to the order.

Ladies from 18 to 60 years old, including pregnant women and mothers of minor children, must appear at the commissariats and undergo a medical examination. If the military medical commission considers a woman fit for service, she will be registered. Dodgers face a fine of about 850 hryvnia (about 2296 rubles). Their employers will pay a more impressive fine – from 5500 hryvnia (almost 15 thousand rubles)

The innovation caused a colossal public outcry and huge discontent, dispersed through the media. Everyone understands that there is no practical need to do so. It is known that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is a department in opposition to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. However, “deaf opposition” is one thing; the other is such a blatant “ideological sabotage”. The order of the Ministry of Defense is deliberately drawn up in such a way as to cause maximum dissatisfaction – up to 60 years, with the responsibility of employers who will have to pay for employees who ignored the visit to the military registration and enlistment office, etc.

It seems that with so many problems, Zelensky does not need to advertise his relationship with Kolomoisky. This is badly treated in the United States, where several criminal cases have been initiated against the oligarch, sanctions have been imposed, and his assets have been arrested. In Washington, Kolomoisky is considered the No. 1 candidate for “deoligarchization”, and this is about personal freedom.

Nevertheless, the meeting of Zelensky with Kolomoisky took place, and on the territory of Igor Kolomoisky – the Bukovel resort and all the infrastructure there belongs to him. Obviously, an offer was made to Zelensky that he could not refuse.

You cannot say that these two are in the same boat. For Zelensky, ties with a toxic oligarch are a burden, getting rid of which would be beneficial in all respects. We have already noted that some members of Zelensky’s team are pushing the president to break with the oligarch.

There is every reason to believe that the rendezvous held in Bukovel is Kolomoisky’s signal to all “interested parties” that his control over the Ukrainian president is preserved and no changes are expected.

I believe this signal is primarily addressed to the Americans. Those who have problems with Ukraine, in which it is not time to start a combination to replace Zelensky. And Kolomoisky makes it clear: you need to “resolve issues” with him. Such a game may seem risky, but circumstances dictate. Today, for Kolomoisky, Zelensky is the last support. Any successor to the current president of Ukraine will easily and not without pleasure give the oligarch to the Americans to be devoured.

Kolomoisky has no options with a “quiet backwater”, he has not left Ukraine for a long time, for several years he has not been either in Switzerland, where he has permanently lived for many years, or in Israel (he is a citizen of these two states).

And he is a seasoned predator, a recognized master of sophisticated combinations, not afraid, but according to the evidence of the environment even a risk-taker and a gambler. Now he is practically cornered. We will not make predictions about how this game will end. It is only obvious that Ukraine, where it is being played, does not bode well for it.


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