May 15, 2020
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Koch: When people, after the demonstration, end up in monkeys, the lawyers who Khodorkovsky pays to go there

Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch in an interview with the founder of the publication "GORDON" Dmitry Gordon stated that he sees, as an alternative to the current president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, including the opposition leader Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who now lives in Europe.

He expressed the opinion that time policy disgraced in the Russian Federation may still come.

"Khodorkovsky I’ve spent years in the camps. Let him stay with his family. Now he will be with his family, and then maybe ... And then - how to conduct an asset from abroad political activity? Not really, "said Koch.

He recalled that Khodorkovsky is financially supporting the opposition movement in Russia.

" All that he does, he looks pretty pretty. I really like his project when he finances lawyers. This is quite obvious, direct and efficient help on the merits, not blah blah blah. When people find themselves in monkeys after the demonstration, lawyers resort to them pays Khodorkovsky. They are the first people these people see. It seems to me that this is a very correct and sensible affair, which I categorically support, "said the former Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

He expressed the opinion that Khodorkovsky himself has not yet been promoting himself so as not to wasting energy.

"A window of opportunity will appear - then maybe he will speak. Let him at least return to the country, "added Koch.

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Khodorkovsky was convicted of 745 in the case of embezzlement and tax evasion by the Yukos company, which he headed, and later - in the case of money laundering in the criminal proceeding. 20 December 2005 of the year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on his pardon. Khodorkovsky was released the same day and flew to Germany.

Now the entrepreneur lives abroad, he engaged in public activities and resumed the work of the Open Russia educational project.

Yukos was liquidated in 2007 year, its assets were transferred to Rosneft.


2013 Video: Dmitry Gordon / YouTube