May 16, 2020
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Koch: At one time, Mannerheim made the right choice: what matters most is people, not lands

Speaking about the situation with the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territories, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch, in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, founder of the GORDON online publication, said that there wasn’t any history one case, "when the weak at the strong argued something."

He recalled the events of the Winter War of the USSR with Finland 1939 - 1940 years when the Soviet military occupied part of Finland, including Vyborg.

"Sign a truce, draw some kind of line. Then happens Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union. The Finns are on Hitler’s side, occupying their old border. Then Hitler’s Stalin wins - the Finns again retreat to the border that they agreed with Stalin in 40 - m. And, relatively speaking, in 1940 - 1945 years, [финского маршала Карла Густава] Mannerheim’s dilemma : either insist it is up to Stalin to return all these lands, which are, so to speak, originally Finnish, or to come to terms with this, fix the fact that is, and live on, "said Koch.

He recalled that the former high-ranking Tsarist General Mannerheim knew well the capabilities of the Russian army.

"And so he argues:" If I continue the litigation with the Russians and call on the world community as witnesses , Americans, English, "look what’s going on, they took the land, let them return!" and so on, of course, they will not return anything to me. And no Americans with the British will fight for me. I can’t do it myself. But I will turn into an outcast. Nobody will invest in me, no one will go to me, no one will be interested in me. Because everyone will be afraid of me, because I am very toxic. I have some problems with Stalin, but Stalin has an atomic bomb, Stalin is treacherous. Better to trade with Stalin. Well, to hell. What will come to this whiskered Georgian in the head? Because of some kind of Finland to swear ... Let it disappear in abyss, this Country of a Thousand Lakes. Better not to argue with Stalin. We have enough of our problems. We need to rebuild Europe, we need America to establish hegemony, "said Koch.

Then Mannerheim decided to sign an agreement with Stalin and become part of the Western world, he recalled.

"And today Finland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. From scratch, without Ukrainian black soil, on continuous inconvenience, they rebuilt the magnificent high-tech industry of the level. They have the best education, today they have efficient agriculture, which feeds half of the North-West of Russia, despite the sanctions. People go for cheese to Finland. For the cheese! ... This is a magnificent country with one of the highest standards of living, which is seriously considering the possibility of introducing compulsory income for all citizens. What even Germany is not yet ready for. Do you understand? This is because at one time Mannerheim made the right choice: that the main thing is people, not land, "said the ex-deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation.

He added that Ukraine is right his desire to return his territories back, but “you need to look soberly at life.”

“Which way does Ukraine want to choose? Does she want to become a world rogue? In a country that will be known to the whole world only because it has some kind of long, incomprehensible story with Russia? Either her coat was stolen, or she stole. We don’t know anything, it’s better not to invest there. What is there to do? Some poor, but proud Cossacks who dance hopak go there. It is unfair, it is unfair. Of course, all my gut shouts that Ukraine is right. But look at life soberly: there was not a single case when the weak of the strong argued something. But when the weak from the strong received something in return for compensation for imperial ambitions ... After all, Russia did not benefit from the fact that it annexed Southern Finland. I won nothing. How many percent of GDP did she add to herself? Zero, "said Koch.

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By agreement 11 March 1940 of the year, Finland had to make territorial concessions - it gave % of its territory with the city of Vyborg. The Karelian Isthmus, part of the coast, went to the USSR Lake Ladoga, a number of islands in the Gulf of Finland, for 12 years - the Hanko Peninsula, where it was planned to create a Soviet naval base. 430) thousands of Finns have lost their home, while Finland maintained its independence.

Russia in 2014 annexed Crimea after of the illegal referendum and launched armed aggression in eastern Ukraine. Now some territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are occupied by militants controlled by the Russian Federation.

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