Oct 31, 2021
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Kobzon’s widow revealed the truth about the state of cancer patient Yudashkin

Nelly Kobzon has been friends with the family of Valentin Yudashkin for a long time. She commented on the course of the couturier’s illness.

For several years, the beloved fashion designer has been fighting cancer. During this time, Valentin Abramovich went through several courses of chemistry and surgery. The disease then recedes, then returns with renewed vigor. The fan is very worried about the couturier, hoping for a better outcome.

Recently, Yudashkin has been feeling better, he even began to appear at some social events and conduct social networks more actively. This summer, he and his wife even went on a trip. First, in Italy, the couple attended a jewelry exhibition, then went to the Greek coast.

Fans worry that Valentin Yudashkin has become less concerned about health. However, a close friend of his family, Nelly Kobzon, dispelled their doubts. According to the widow of the national artist, the fashion designer feels good and fulfills all the prescriptions of doctors. “If he could not go south, to the sea, in the sun, he would not be allowed simply,” Kobzon assured.

Recall that in the company of Valentin Yudashkin, on the creation of which he spent a lot of time and effort, a successor is being selected. Although the couturier feels better, he can no longer do business as before. In this regard, he himself personally began the search for a person capable of replacing him in such an important post.

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