Jun 19, 2022
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Klintsevich responded to Poland’s plans to close the sky over Ukraine

Klintsevich responded to Poland's plans to close the sky over Ukraine

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Former senator, leader of the public organization “Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans” Franz Klintsevich in an interview spoke about what Poland’s closing of the sky over Western Ukraine could turn out to be.

We will remind, earlier the former head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Stanislav Kozei, made a statement that Warsaw could close the sky over the western regions of Ukraine. This will happen if Russia continues to strike at the border regions of Ukraine with the EU country, using long-range missiles. Kozey noted that NATO countries should protect the military equipment provided to Kyiv, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, not far from the borders of the states that are members of the alliance. Missiles launched by Russia from the Black Sea must be shot down at a proper distance from the borders of NATO countries, the Polish general said.

Commenting on Kozei, Klintsevich said that the Poles have always been showing off. If they start doing something over the territory of Ukraine in relation to Russia, then they will simply have nothing to bring down either their own or others, Klintsevich said. He also warned that Warsaw, by supplying weapons to Kyiv, is fueling the conflict in Ukraine and it should think about the fact that the supplied weapons can be localized on the territory of Poland itself.

“Take risks, gentlemen,” said the politician.

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