Aug 26, 2022
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Klintsevich: Americans understand that Russia will bring the NMD to the end

Klintsevich: Americans understand that Russia will bring the NMD to the end

Western experts are gradually beginning to realize the seriousness of the current situation and what power Russia has to respond to provocations.

This was stated in an interview with the People’s News news agency by the leader of the Union of Veterans of Afghanistan, ex-senator Franz Klintsevich.

Earlier, the director of the American Center for Intelligence and Global Affairs, Joshua Huminski, in a column for The Hill newspaper, expressed the opinion that the main problem of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the condition of the personnel. It is precisely the maintenance of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, according to Chuminsky, that Kyiv’s Western allies consider the biggest problem.

“The most important problem, of course, is the personnel. <...> The West can provide all the help in the world, but it cannot make new Ukrainians,” the American expert emphasized.

As Franz Klintsevich noted on this occasion, Europeans and Americans are seriously frightened by the way the situation in Ukraine is developing.

For example, the fact that the Ukrainians themselves began to realize that nationalism was being artificially imposed on them and cultivated. Ukrainians also understand that within the framework of a special operation, Russia is fighting to stop the genocide and liberate Ukraine itself.

Klintsevich: Americans understand that Russia will bring the NMD to the end

Thus, the situation in Ukraine is taking a serious turn, and this cannot but worry the United States.

“The United States understands that Russia cannot be driven into a corner. They understand that Russia will bring the NWO to the end. Yesterday’s presidential decree [РФ Владимира Путина] about increasing the size of the armed forces – this is one of Russia’s responses to the actions of the West, – emphasized Klintsevich. – Russia has something to defend itself, the country has all the resources. The collective West did not take into account the historical aspect that Russia demonstrated to it.”

Recall that the day before, a decree signed by the head of state was posted on the official website of legal information that the staffing of the RF Armed Forces would be increased by 137,000 by next year, and will eventually amount to 2,039,758 people.

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