Jan 14, 2022
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Klava Koka was hospitalized after going down the hill


Singer Klava Koka now moves on crutches.

A luxurious vacation in Courchevel turned out to be a nuisance for the artist – while snowboarding, the singer fell and received a serious leg injury. Now Klava Koka, by her own admission, is forced to move around on crutches.

Despite the injury, Klava tries not to lose heart and looks at what happened with optimism. “I jumped,” the 25-year-old singer shared on her personal blog, posting a video of the fall. “Now I hobble around on crutches.”

Subscribers wish Koke a speedy recovery and admire her positive. “Tough, of course, but the speed was very high”; “It’s scary to watch. It’s amazing how this girl takes everything with a smile. I hope everything will be fine and there will be no serious consequences”; “Klavochka, get well soon!” — netizens write.

Klava Koka on crutches
Klava Koka on crutches

Recall that in the ski resort, which is often preferred by Russian stars, Koka had fun with Olga Buzova and published funny videos on the social network. For one of the bottoms, the audience scolded the young singer, believing that Klava put the allegedly drunk Olya in a negative light.

I’m ashamed of you, Klava, really ashamed! I thought you were a cool girl, but you, it turns out …“- complained a friend of Buzova – Dima Bilan.

Klava Koka did not become silent. “Why do people think that if we are having fun, then we must be drunk or under something? But what if it’s sincere emotions, joy, or just kidding? Motto – be yourself”, The singer replied to the negative comments addressed to her.

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