Jan 28, 2021
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Klava Koka showed her lover for the first time

The 24-year-old singer Klava Koka declassified an affair with blogger Dima Gordey a year ago, but she still avoided advertising the relationship.

Klava Koka showed her lover for the first time

Singer Klava Koka delighted her subscribers Istagram joint photo with your beloved.

In 2020, the performer told in the show of Nastya Ivleeva that she was meeting with YouTube blogger Dmitry Gordey. Until now, Klava has not advertised her own romance and has not even shared joint cards with her boyfriend. However, Koka made an exception the other day.

Internet users have ruled that the wedding of stars is not for sorrow.

“Once in Hollywood,” Klava said.

The singer and blogger is currently traveling the United States after a break in Hawaii.

Dima Gordey also shared a similar photo, publishing it suddenly with Klava.

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