Jan 13, 2022
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Klava Koka justified herself for the scandal with Olga Buzova


According to users, the singer Klava Koka framed Olga Buzova.

Olga Buzova is enjoying her vacation at a ski resort in Courchevel. There, the artist met Klava Koku, with whom she quickly found a common language. Now the girls are inseparable and share funny shots of the holiday. However, some believe that the colleague is simply framing the performer of the hit “Few Halves”.

So, for example, Dima Bilan recorded an angry video in which he condemned the 25-year-old singer for publishing videos compromising Buzova. In the video, the singer walks down the street in Klava’s bathrobe and jacket after spa treatments, and then squats down, demonstrating strange movements. Many decided that Buzova was simply drunk. “I’m ashamed of you, Klava, really ashamed! I thought you were a cool girl, but you, it turns out …“- Bilan was indignant.

But Klava Koka did not understand the indignation of her colleague. The performer of the hit “Left the chat” said that there was nothing scandalous in her post and the public invented the problem. “Why do people think that if we are having fun, then we must be drunk or under something? But what if it’s sincere emotions, joy, or just kidding? Motto – be yourself”, the blonde wrote, accompanied by smiling emoticons.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

Meanwhile, 35-year-old Olga Buzova is often accused of alcohol abuse. Last year, Dmitry Guberniev walked on this topic. Live on the Match TV channel, he brought the singer to tears with questions about cognac, saying that the star supposedly drinks it in the morning.

The artist was dumbfounded by such statements. She stated that she goes in for sports and generally leads a healthy lifestyle. “I do not drink. I can’t. I’m in treatment now. You! .. I underwent the most difficult operation. I won’t let you anymore. I will never come here again‘ said the blonde.

However, soon Olga managed to calm her emotions and turn the situation around for the better. Now the singer is humorous about drinking. At one of the concerts, the singer even came out in a T-shirt, on which there was an inscription with scandalous words about Guberniev’s cognac.

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