Sep 15, 2022
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Klava Koka is sure that she was ordered


Singer Klava Koka is going to resolve the issue in court with her offenders.

On September 4, the authorities of Vladivostok invited Klava Koka to perform at a concert dedicated to the Day of Knowledge. The performance turned into a scandal for the performer. Now the star is being checked for insulting the feelings of believers.

Klava Koka preferred not to comment on what was happening. However, the scandal began to gain momentum, which forced the artist to give the first and detailed answer on her personal blog. The blonde called the situation absurd, and also said: Black Star is filing an application with the prosecutor’s office, “so that the perpetrators answer according to the law.”

Koka was surprised that she was accused of corrupting the youth and insulting the feelings of believers because of her speech in front of the church. The singer showed a video showing the ill-fated concert.

Did you see the church in the background? I didn’t see her either and didn’t know she was there. Moreover, the artist does not choose the location of the stage. I am Orthodox, baptized and would never allow myself to desecrate the faith of any denomination” said the star.

Klava Koka - photo from the archive -
Klava Koka – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

26-year-old Klava was outraged by the fact that her outfit was called half-naked. In the footage from Vladivostok, the artist is dressed in a top and a midi-length skirt, over which a voluminous jacket is thrown over.

And show me at least one video where I swear from the stage. I don’t allow myself to do that. Of course, I have songs with biting phrases, but for city events I use censored versions. Of course, for each concert there is a track list agreed with the organizers in advance, but at this event we were not asked to exclude anything, so I sang all my hits“, – said the singer.

The star added that the concert scandal launched a series of unflattering materials aimed at destroying her reputation. “I read an article that I was going to Stavropol allegedly for three million, and the rider must have the freshest red caviar. What if I’m allergic to it? I have never had such wishes for a rider in my life!“- the blonde was indignant.

The artist also said that ordered materials were sent to various editorial offices against her.

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