Sep 13, 2022
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Klava Koka got into a scandal in Vladivostok


The stars stood up to defend Klava Koki.

On September 4, Klava Koka performed in Vladivostok at the invitation of the local mayor’s office. The townspeople were delighted with the performance of their favorite artist, but the holiday turned into a scandal. The blonde was accused of insulting the feelings of believers.

Some residents of Vladivostok were furious when they saw Klava Koka performing in a short skirt in front of a church. They also did not like the lyrics of the artist’s songs, which contain foul language. The indignation of one of the townspeople was published on her personal blog by Maria Shushkina. The general public immediately learned about the incident. Now the performer faces criminal prosecution for insulting the feelings of believers, as well as an administrative case.

Klava Koka - photo from the archive -
Klava Koka – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Otar Kushanashvili was surprised by the singer’s hate. “If Klava Koka was so expected in Vladivostok, then they probably knew that some of her songs contain obscene vocabulary? Have you approved the program? If you write a check to a person for 2 or 3 million rubles, do you know who is coming to you? What do you expect from a creature who has chosen the pseudonym Claudia Koka? You approved the program. You didn’t know who you were calling? And now the poor girl is up in arms. Why am I standing up for her? ‘Cause it’s a different generation“, – said the journalist in his YouTube show “What’s it like?”

He noted that the 26-year-old Klava Koka achieved popularity not only thanks to her vocal abilities, but also to outrageous behavior. “Klava Koka thinks that the more cheeky she is on stage, the greater her success, and she is right. She has millions of fans! If you don’t like what she sang, why did you call her?! Fools!“- Otar was indignant.

By the way, Maria Pogrebnyak also joined the artist. In her personal Telegram channel, she expressed the same thought as Kushanashvili.

I don’t want to discuss Klava’s work, but I am surprised that such consequences arose. Didn’t the Ministry of Culture know about the singer’s performance, why didn’t they coordinate her repertoire in advance? It was possible to avoid unpleasant moments, no one would offend anyone. Isn’t the Ministry of Culture responsible for this? Creative people need to be prompted, not just punished“, – said the wife of the player.

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