Dec 30, 2020
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Klava Koka gave her father a car for his birthday for 2.5 million rubles

03:16, 12/30/2020

The singer congratulated her parent on her 55th birthday.

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Singer and blogger Claudia Vysokova, better known under the pseudonym Klava Koka, from early childhood confidently walked towards the creative profession. The future star was born in Yekaterinburg, in a family of connoisseurs of musical art. Klava attended piano lessons, and at the same time performed in the jazz hall. The singer’s parents decided to move to the capital when their daughter was 12 years old. In Moscow, Klava continued to actively engage in music. The artist performed at various venues and, in addition, recorded her own compositions, which she shared on the Internet.

Today the father of 24-year-old Klava Koka is 55 years old. Signed in 2015 a contract with Timati the singer pleased her parent with an expensive gift. In her microblog on Instagram, the star shared the footage in which she first acquires and later gives her beloved relative a Tayota car. It is noteworthy that the model that Klava bought for the birthday boy is positioned as the safest and most reliable, and the cost of such a machine starts at two million rubles. The singer approached the choice of a car for her father seriously and tried to take into account the needs of the parent. The artist admitted that the purchase was given to her with difficulty.

Klava Koka showed how she buys a car for her father

“I didn’t know it was so difficult. In terms of choice, contracts, approvals, car functions, configurations, insurance, etc. … But now I’m no longer a teapot in this business. Althoughyayaya … But I will still make up for the experience, “Klava shared on social networks (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. – Prim. line.). However, despite all the difficulties, the singer noted that she liked the process of buying a car. The artist also showed her father’s reaction to an expensive gift. Apparently, Koki’s parent had long dreamed of a new means of transportation – according to the star’s mother, who even shed tears because of emotions, Klava’s father “could not dream of such a thing.”

Recall that Klava Koka began to take the first serious steps in her career in 2015. The singer took part in various music competitions that aim to reveal new talents. The artist made her debut in the fifth season of the show “Factor a”, Where, according to the results of the competition, she entered the top ten participants. Then Klava appeared in the program “X-factor. Main Stage ”, but was not included in the finalists of the competition. Koka gained wide popularity after participating in the show of the Black Star label “Young blood“. Here the singer was much more fortunate – Klava reached the final and signed a contract with Timati.

Klava Koka gave her father a car for his birthday for 2.5 million rubles

By the way, only this summer Timati announced his decision to leave his own label. According to the rapper, he thought about this serious step for a long time. It is worth noting that the artist has been a significant part of Black Star for 14 years. Timati explained his departure by the fact that the label had changed and lost its “intimacy”. However, the rapper’s career did not suffer at all because of his decision – the artist’s name still flaunts on the top lines of the domestic music charts.

Former colleague Timati also confirmed that the rapper’s departure from Black Star has its advantages… According to the general director of the organization Pavel Kuryanov, known under the pseudonym Pasha, the label took too much of Timati’s time. According to Kuryanov, the company’s affairs prevented the artist from taking care of himself. Now the rapper can fully concentrate on his personal creativity, without the need to be distracted by organizational matters.

Klava Coca

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