Sep 12, 2020
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Kiselev condemned SBU’s demand to remove Russian media attachments

Director General of MIA Rossiya Segodnya, journalist and TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev responded to the SBU's demand to remove Russian media applications from the AppStore in Ukraine, reports.

In his opinion, this requirement is an example of censorship typical for Western countries.

The TV presenter also expressed the opinion that at present Russia remains “the champion of freedom of speech in the world,” since such decisions are not made on the territory of the country.

As previously reported, the American company Apple notified Russian developers of the requirements of the Security Service of Ukraine to remove from the Ukrainian segment of the App Store the applications "Russia 1", "Russia TV and Radio", "Vesti FM" and "" from VGTRK, as well as the applications of NTV and "Russia Today".

Let us remind you that earlier the National Council for Electronic Mass Media of Latvia banned the broadcasting of seven Russian TV channels.

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