May 1, 2021
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Kirkorov worked as a taxi driver on Labor Day

A popular Russian singer gave a lift to several passengers and found out their gaze about himself.

Kirkorov worked as a taxi driver on Labor Day

Philip Kirkorov originally celebrated International Labor Day. He decided to change his profession to an ordinary one and for some time became a taxi driver. The video from the car was published on the YouTube channel.

However, in this work, Kirkorov was not a simple taxi driver. First of all, it was a competition with tick-toker Danya Milokhin, who worked as a courier at the same time. The goal of the competition is to earn as much a tip as possible. And secondly, Philip Bedrosovich decided to find out what the Russians think of him. To do this, he put on a mask, put a cap on the thorn, pulled a hood over his head and, moreover, slightly changed his voice.

The passengers of the driver Kirkorov chatted differently about the singer Kirkorov. To everyone he gave a lift, he asked questions about himself, and then revealed his identity.

Someone spoke neutrally, someone “kept the brand”, and someone almost got a heart attack. However, a tip was given to Philip Kirkorov, and he even won the competition, earning 5600 tips.

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