Apr 28, 2021
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Kirkorov spoke about the beginning of a new stage in life

Singer Philip Kirkorov, on the eve of his birthday, spoke about a new stage in his life. The artist told reporters about the serious changes at the Muz-TV gala dinner.

The performer admitted that last year was difficult and morally difficult. This atmosphere affected the singer’s creativity.

“The coronavirus has divided our life into before and after, and I am no exception. I called this new period “gray hair in a beard, a devil in a rib.” At times such thoughts swarm in my head, I am already scared myself! ” – Kirkorov said in a conversation with

The journalists could not hide their curiosity and asked the artist in which particular sphere the “demons” were raging. As it turned out, the performer’s personal life is seething.

“Personal life runs parallel. She is chaotic, varied, I don’t deny myself anything, ”the singer boasted.

The artist admitted that the appearance of children dramatically changed his life. He stressed that the birth of Alla-Victoria and Martin-Christina made him reconsider his outlook on life and priorities.

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