Apr 30, 2021
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Kirk Douglas’ widow dies at 103

In the year 102, the widow of the legendary artist Kirk Douglas Ann passed away. She outlived her husband a little more than a year.

Kirk Douglas' widow dies at 103

The widow of the legendary American artist Kirk Douglas, as well as a producer and actress, Anne Douglas passed away in her own house located in California at the age of 102. Ann outlived her star husband a little more than a year.

What caused the death is unknown.

Kirk Douglas married assistant director Anne Bidense in 1954. The couple met in Paris during the filming of the movie. They had two sons – Peter, who is now 65, and Eric, bent in 2004.

For Kirk, the real union was the second. His first woman was the actress Diana Dill, in an alliance with her two sons were born – Michael and Joel. At one time, Ann met Kirk’s children from the first union, as if they were relatives.

“She forced us all to open up on the most important side, unusually my parent. Dad would not have made a career without Anne’s support, ”wrote 76-year-old actor Michael Douglas in a social media post.

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