Jul 30, 2022
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Kirill Safonov went to America


Actor Kirill Safonov went to his daughter in the States.

The artist went on a well-deserved vacation. For many years in a row, in between work, the actor flies to Israel. As a young man, he spent seven years of his life there and it was there that he made his film debut. During this time, Safonov was forever imbued with the local culture and special atmosphere.

In fact, the Russian actor had another good reason to go abroad, because he had a meeting with his daughter Anastasia. The model has been living in the States for a long time and sees her father only a couple of times a year. On the eve of the network got footage of their first date in a long time. Safonov’s daughter published a picture with her father, whom she apparently no longer hoped to see this summer.

The best surprise in the world”, Anastasia shared her joy.

Kirill Safonov with his daughter
Kirill Safonov with his daughter

The family photo was taken in Tel Aviv, where the actor flew in the other day. It is curious that he did not advertise his departure from the country. Probably, he did not want to fall under the same brush with the stars, who then have to make excuses and refute rumors about emigration.

Recall that Anastasia was born in Safonov’s first marriage. Model’s mother Elena died in 2018 from alcoholism. She did not want to admit her addiction problems and did not accept the help of relatives. 12 years ago, Safonov married the singer Sasha Savelyeva, who in 2019 gave birth to his son Leon.

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