Sep 6, 2021
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Kirdyk sneaks into the mortgage

Kirdyk sneaks into the mortgage

According to a study by the Expert RA agency, in June 2021, the average mortgage loan for an apartment in a new building amounted to 4.06 million rubles, that is, 46% more than in 2020.

The average mortgage payment for the same period increased by 28% (this is in the primary market) and amounted to 27.1 thousand rubles. And this is with the average median salary in the country just over 30 thousand rubles. There are only crumbs left for food and payment not for the night of the mentioned housing and communal services!

“The growing cost of housing is forcing borrowers to take out a larger mortgage loan and, accordingly, to make a larger down payment in absolute terms in order to provide the required by banks 10-15 percent of the cost of an apartment,” the authors of the study point out. “At the same time, repaying the increased loan against the background of a decrease in income is possible only by diluting it for a longer period, which allows providing an acceptable monthly payment for the client, but increases the final overpayment.”

Experts state that despite a large number of preferential programs in the mortgage market and a decrease in rates, the rise in housing prices and lengthening of loans have made mortgages very unattractive in the eyes of citizens. And to a heap – a decrease in real incomes of the population.

True, the specialists of the Ministry of Construction swear by their mother that by 2030 the queues of beneficiaries for housing will be eliminated in the country, construction will reach 5 million square meters. meters of housing per year and the sector will be whitewashed as a whole, as well as the volume of individual housing construction will grow by one and a half times.

But even the very brave do not inspire optimism – on the verge of all-in! – statements of high authorities that right now the country allegedly “for the first time in the history of Russia is able to solve the housing problem.” Our citizens have heard similar promises under all the authorities, and housing is still in great shortage. And what, in fact, has changed since the time of N. Khrushchev and L. Brezhnev? Then they also promised …

And by 2030, as in that eastern parable, either the authorities’ promises will be forgotten, or the Ministry of Construction will cease to exist. “If the state launched alternative parallel construction at lower prices and sold this housing cheaper, it would thereby help expand supply and lower market prices,” says economist Yuri Boldyrev. – Now it works both for overstating interest rates and for overstating the cost of housing. That is, it seems that the state is helping people, it seems that a preferential interest rate on mortgages has been introduced, but because of the government’s policy, budgetary and citizens’ resources are being pumped into the pockets of usurers and developers, who are backed by the same usurers. “

That is, our officials still prefer to support their own – bankers and oligarchs, but not citizens. Therefore, it seems that a real kirdyk is approaching the beautiful “benefits” with a mortgage.

Pavel Maximov


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