Sep 15, 2020
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Kira Proshutinskaya told how she discovered the talent of Alla Pugacheva

10:28, 09/15/2020

The TV presenter noted that since then there has been an invisible connection between her and the pop star.

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Today TV presenter and producer Kira Proshutinskaya turns 75 years old. On her birthday, the creator of the ATV TV channel and the legendary Vzglyad program became a guest of the Fate of a Man program with Boris Korchevnikov. Proshutinskaya talked about how not only her career began, but also the creative path of the Soviet and Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva. After all, it was Proshutinskaya who discovered the singer's talent.

In 1968, Kira became a student of the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, graduating from Moscow School No. 496, where Alla Pugacheva studied three grades younger. In the second year of the university, Proshutinskaya was hired as a correspondent in the youth edition of the Central Television of the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting. And when the aspiring journalist began to work on the children's program "The Seeker Club", she invited Pugacheva to record, which was the first for the artist. Later, Alla Borisovna recalled that she was terribly afraid of the stage, but thanks to Kira, who literally dragged her out there, she ceased to be just an accompanist in Mosestrad.

Alla Pugacheva in the late 1970s

It is noteworthy that after the success in 1975 at the international song competition "Golden Orpheus", where Pugacheva performed her "Arlekino", the artist, according to Proshutinskaya, was disliked by the head of the USSR State Radio and Television, Sergei Lapin. But a few years later, when Pugacheva's talent was undeniable, he interrupted the meeting if Alla Borisovna called.

“I can't say that Alla Pugacheva and I see each other often. But there is an incomprehensible connection for me. When I feel bad, she calls and asks: "What's wrong with you?" I loved her madly, appreciated, understood that she was a star. It was hard for her to break through, ”added Proshutinskaya. Kira Alexandrovna recalled that in 2012, when she fell ill with cancer and underwent 8 operations, Alla Borisovna was one of those who supported her during this difficult period. “Alla Pugacheva has agreed with clinics in Miami, New York. But I stayed here, ”said the TV presenter, who managed to defeat a dangerous disease.

Kira Proshutinskaya

A couple of years after that, Proshutinskaya made a documentary film dedicated to Pugacheva "I am a redhead, I am different", in which she tried to reveal the theme of the relationship between the uniqueness of appearance and talent. According to Proshutinskaya, she always knew that redheads are special people. “You know that we were sent, we are not from this planet,” noted Kira Alexandrovna in a conversation with Korchevnik, who herself is the carrier of this hair color. She also told a curious story about Boris Korchevnikov's mother, Irina Leonidovna, with whom they played together at the Student Theater of Moscow State University. By the way, the mother of the 38-year-old TV presenter was also born red. Once as a student, they decided to get rid of the copper tint and, having bought ink in the store, poured it on their heads. But the effect of dyeing at home came out unexpected - the hair began to cast green.

It is noteworthy that after playing with the student theater of Moscow State University, Kira Proshutinskaya, whose talent was noted by Mark Zakharov, tied up with the theater, listening to the advice of her mother, who recommended that she remain a good journalist rather than a bad artist. However, as the guest of The Fate of a Man noted, she is drawn to do some theatrical project. “The theater still beckons me and I want to try something theatrical,” admitted 75-year-old Kira Proshutinskaya.

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