Sep 5, 2022
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Kingdom of broken mirrors: Truss will ruin the UK

Pictured: Liz Truss

Pictured: Liz Truss (Photo: AP/TASS)

The premiership of the current British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss could be a disaster for the country, said the first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.”If she leads the country the way she campaigned during the summer, it will be a disaster – not only for Scotland, but for the whole of the UK. But let’s hope that does not happen, because this is a very difficult time for Great Britain, and we need very serious and conscious leadership,” she said in an interview with the British television channel Sky News.

The head of the Scottish government, in particular, accused Truss of campaigning around the priorities of individual members of the Conservative Party, such as tax cuts.

“We disagree on many political issues, but I believe that everyone who occupies the chair of the prime minister should have a chance to show himself,” said Sturgeon.

Recall that voting in the last round of the election of the Prime Minister of Britain ended on September 2, it is already known that Truss won.

Why does Truss scare Sturgeon so much? And how might Edinburgh’s relationship with London change under a new premier?

Recall also that Boris Johnson denied Scotland the right to hold a second referendum on secession from the UK. It is unlikely that under Truss something will change. Rather, on the contrary, the aspirations of the Scots for independence may intensify …

– The Scots, no doubt, bake for the most part more about Scotland than about Britain, – I’m sure Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

– At home, they prefer to support their Scottish National Party, which has 63 seats in the Scottish Parliament, while the Conservatives have 31 seats, and Labor 24.

“SP”:According to Sturgeon, Truss could lead the Kingdom to disaster. What does she mean?

Disaster is too strong a word. But there will be problems. The transition of the West to a new economic model will affect everyone – the British, the Scots and other Europeans. And when the consequences of this transition affect ordinary Britons, it is important that a pragmatic and sensible politician is at the head of Britain. In this sense, Sunak was preferable to ordinary Britons than the low-minded feminist and libertarian Truss.

“SP”:At the same time, the head of Scotland noted that she would do “everything possible to build a constructive working relationship with her.” Will it work? Will Scotland’s relations with London worsen than under Johnson?

“Nicola Sturgeon is just as much of a puppet as Truss, only on a lower level. Therefore, she will have to build relationships with a colleague. The relationship between the puppets does not depend on them, but on the puppeteers. The puppeteers have not yet given the command to the Scots to quarrel with the British.

“SP”:In your opinion, will Truss’ rise to power increase the desire for independence in Scotland and Northern Ireland? What are the chances of its implementation?

– No doubt it will increase. In Northern Ireland, the chances of gaining independence from London are growing due to the fact that the vertical of government has staggered in Britain. Scotland has no such chance yet.

Truss has promised to distribute licenses for exploration and drilling of oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Advisor to the President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies Vsevolod Shimov.

– Probably, this worries the Scottish government, because Scottish separatism is largely based on the desire to take their share of the raw material rent from offshore deposits and not share it with London.

“SP”:Do you think the Scottish authorities care more about the well-being of Scotland or the whole of Britain? Do they have any traditional preferences in choosing between Conservatives and Labor and specific politicians?

– Of course, the Scottish authorities are primarily concerned about their own interests, since a party is now in power in Scotland, which does not hide its ultimate goal of secession from the kingdom.

“SP”:What does she mean by a catastrophe for the whole of Britain? Isn’t this an exaggeration?

– Of course, this is an exaggeration. The Scottish government is in opposition to London as such and will criticize any prime minister, whoever he may be.

“SP”:How much do you think Scotland’s relationship with London could change under Truss? Will the desire for independence increase, or vice versa?

Separatist sentiment in Scotland is persistently strong. Moreover, after Brexit their growth is observed, today the supporters of sovereignty are in the majority. Therefore, Truss will have to constantly face the factor of Scottish separatism.

“SP”:Johnson prevented the Scots from holding a new referendum. Especially since there will be no trails? What are the chances of holding a new plebiscite, and what might be its results?

– A new referendum in Scotland will almost certainly lead to secession, so London will not give the green light to its holding, whoever becomes prime minister. Brexit already pretty much undermined British statehood, effectively creating an internal border between the UK and Northern Ireland. Against this background, there was also a surge of separatist sentiments there, Sinn Féin won first place in the elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Another thing is that the British government will not succeed in expelling the separatists from the political field, since they have long been legalized.

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