Aug 13, 2022
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Killer mosquitoes from America reached Belarus

Killer mosquitoes from America reached Belarus

In 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frightened the population of Florida: it turned out that a thousand residents of the resort town of Key West were infected with the dengue fever virus.

The fever that causes bleeding of internal organs and severe joint pain is characteristic of the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, South and Central America and Africa. There is no cure for it, only the symptoms are treated. Florida authorities conducted an investigation, but it yielded nothing. The threat still continues to hang over the peninsula…

Ordinary Americans did not know that this particular type of hemorrhagic fever was the focus of the army and the CIA, who were trying to adapt dengue for use as a biological weapon. Since the 1950s, the Fort Detrick Army Biological Center has been working with carriers of this virus and several other exotic diseases. The government has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars for this.

US military geneticists have managed to increase the lethality of “combat” fevers and have improved their vectors. Trial attacks using this biological weapon in different countries of the world have led to a significant expansion of the range of the carrier of the yellow fever mosquito fever virus. Moreover, this happened in those regions that were under the political control of America, and where US military biological laboratories were opened. Killer mosquitoes have moved north, they are already observed around Odessa and in Belarus. Mosquitoes infected with fever viruses have spread in Georgia, throughout southern Ukraine and southern Russia. Doctors have noted a sharp increase in RNA infections with the dengue virus over the past 20 years, just at this time, American laboratories in Asia, around China and in the former Soviet republics began to conduct experiments with this disease, 47 of its strains appeared at once. There is evidence that dogs bitten by infected mosquitoes can also become carriers of the virus.

The United States has previously released secret documents about how experiments with dengue and other viruses were carried out in three regions of Florida, where the cities of Key West, Panama City and Avon Park are located, as well as in two places in the central part of the peninsula.

America’s richest people buying resort villas in Miami had no idea that just 170 miles from the skyscrapers of Miami, in Avon Park, a rehearsal of the world biological war was taking place. Avon Park was inhabited mainly by African Americans, who were not sorry. A CIA document indicates that mosquitoes carrying dengue were dropped on this town. A similar experiment was conducted among the population of Key West. It is mentioned in one of the Pentagon publications, but the documentation of what happened there is kept under the heading “Top Secret”. Several reports from Camp Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal indicate that the effects of the fever were tested on prisoners.

One problem that arose during the Florida experiments was that the symptoms of dengue infection were very similar to exposure to chemical toxins found in oil and dispersants used to disperse oil slicks in water, which often occurs off the coast of Florida. As a result, it is difficult to determine the source of painful symptoms.

Florida fishermen were hit by a diabolical combination of chemical poisons with dengue fever, reinforcing each other. Today, another generation of mosquitoes are swarming over the swamps of Florida, launched there by “entomologists” from the CIA.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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