Nov 4, 2021
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Killed in Donbass

Heads of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics Leonid Pasechnik and Denis Pushilin announced the continuation of joint efforts to find mass graves of victims of the Ukrainian army in order to document the consequences of Kiev’s aggression against the people of Donbass and bring those responsible to criminal responsibility. “It is planned to continue the work of the interdepartmental commission in view of the fact that we have no right to ignore any burial, taking into account the fact that, alas, hostilities continue, the war is not over yet, and the work of this commission remains undoubtedly important,” said Pushilin … “As far as I know, we still have places of alleged burials, which we will study, conduct a study of the places, study the soil for the presence of real burials there. buried “, – explained Pasechnik (Lugansk Information Center – LPR and DPR next year will continue to search for the burial sites of victims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ( Lugansk and Donetsk signed an agreement on interaction, cooperation and exchange of information in the framework of burials of victims of Ukrainian aggression and identification of their remains in August of this year. The first exhumation work was carried out on August 11 in the village of Sabovka, Slavyanoserbsk district. In the DPR, excavations began on August 19 from the village of Snezhnoe. ” civilian population, civilians of the republic who died in the summer – fall of 2014 as a result of Ukrainian oh aggression “, – then the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR Anna Soroka said. Also, 80 bodies were recovered in Pervomaisk and 140 bodies in the village of Vidnoye near Luhansk. In total, at the moment, the remains of 267 victims of the Kiev regime have been removed in both republics. The relatives of the victims donated 134 blood samples to create DNA passports. Own. corr. FSK

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